What if I do not receive a timeslot with my priority number on February 3?

Your priority number is your place in line. If you do not get a timeslot to select housing in the first round of selection, you will just need to continue waiting in line. We will be doing a rolling selection process as spaces become available on Fridays between February 18 and May 13.

Starting February 18, we will issue Room Selection timeslots for Fridays based on the next priority number for space available for the group size and gender, if applicable. These timeslots will be emailed by Thursday at noon for students who will be able to select a space the next day. For example – there is a single space available in a 4-person apartment with three women, so we would issue the timeslot to the next priority number for a woman without roommates.

You will receive regular communications to let you know where we are in the priority numbers.  For example, a student with a priority number of 80 in a group of 4 will be notified that we are currently at number 77 for the weekly Room Selection.

We anticipate additional spaces becoming available around the following times:

  • February 8-10 due to Room Selection cancellations.
  • After April 1 due to school related cancellations for Fall semester and RA selection.
  • After May 31 due to Bridge Student cancellations for Fall semester.
  • After July 26 when Fall semester bills open.