Key & Access

Area Desks are staffed 24/7 to assist residents with key and access issues.

West Campus Area Desk

The West Campus Area Desk serves the buildings below and is in the lobby of DesChamps, across from the McAlister Dining Hall registers.

  • The Shoeboxes
  • Holmes & McCabe
  • Mickel
  • Gressette
  • Cribb & DesChamps
  • The Quad

Call the Area Desk at 864-656-9426

East Campus Area Desk

The East Campus Area Desk serves the buildings below and is located in Mauldin Hall.

Residence Halls

  • Byrnes
  • Lever
  • Manning
  • Mauldin
  • Barnett
  • Smith
  • Douthit East


  • Douthit West
  • Calhoun Courts
  • Thornhill Village
  • Lightsey Bridge I & II

Call the Area Desk at 864-656-2311

Emergencies & Maintenance

On-Call staff are available 24/7 in case of urgent situations.


The Clemson University Police Department should be contacted at 864-656-2222 or 911 for emergencies.

Contact your in-community staff for urgent housing matters.


General Maintenance

Maintenance Emergencies

Contact your in-community staff and call 864-656-5450 24/7.

Elevator reports should be made to the Clemson University Police Department (CUPD) at 864-656-2222.

General Inquiries

Our main office can answer general questions regarding University Housing & Dining.

Contact Us

Only general questions may be answered via phone. Individual student information may only be discussed with the student. Any requests for action must be submitted in writing by the student using their email address and CUID number. Use the form below to contact our office or call 864-656-2295.

Visit Mell Hall

Mell Hall, located across from Downtown Clemson, is the hub for Clemson Home. We are open for walk-in traffic Monday through Friday 8am-4:30pm.

Here, students and families can inquire about on-campus housing & dining, solve assignment-related issues, ask questions and learn more about what University Housing & Dining has to offer its residents and families.

Staff member talking with resident in their room

In-Community Staff & Support

Community Directors

Community Directors (CDs) are full-time professional staff who live and work in a residential community. These staff members manage all matters within their residential community.

Graduate Community Directors

Graduate Community Directors (GCDs) are current graduate students who live and work in a residential community. GCDs provide support and assistance within the community.

Residential Community Mentors & Leaders

Residential Community Mentors and Leaders are upper class mentors and role models that live with residents in each residential community.

On-Call Community Staff

On-Call staff are available after-hours for urgent issues. On-Call phone numbers are listed in each residence hall.

Faculty In Residence

Faculty in Residence are faculty members who live in the residence halls on campus to fully engage students in a seamless learning experience outside the classroom.

Residential Living & Learning

Residential Living

Residential Living staff provide support across our residential communities.

Residential Learning

Residential Learning staff manage programming, educational opportunities, and training within our residential communities.

LLC Student and Professor

McAlister Hall



Contact the Clemson Home Registered Dietician.

General Dining

Our dining staff provides support and leadership within our dining facilities across campus.

Administration, Operations, & Auxiliary Enterprises

Assignments & Administration

This team is responsible for housing assignments and support housing & dining processes throughout the year.

Marketing & Communication

Our Marketing & Communications team manages customer relations, website & social media content, major marketing campaigns, communications, and promotional materials.

System Administration

Our System Administration team supports our Portals and overall housing & dining data administration.

Summer Programs

This team manages housing & dining services for camps, conferences, and programs staying on campus over the summer

Planning & Operations

Planning & Operations is the group responsible for long-range planning, facility oversight, inventory, and housing & dining contracts.

Auxiliary Enterprises

Auxiliary Enterprises includes housing, dining, the bookstore, the child development center, parking & transit services, and vending operations. These staff members provide leadership and support services for these departments.

University Facilities

University Facilities staff work throughout our residential spaces. These staff members direct these efforts and provide support for Clemson Home facilities.

Core Campus

If you experience any issues accessing online content, please let us know by contacting or 864-656-2295.