Summer Housing Sign-up

Summer Housing

Interested in signing up for housing and dining? Clemson Home offers on-campus housing for students who are enrolled in summer courses.

For Summer Start or STEM Start residents, please visit the Summer Start or STEM Start pages.

For Clemson Home Summer Programs, visit our Summer Programs page.

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Sign Summer Contract

  • Select a Term – Select the correct term for your summer session.
  • Review, sign, and print/save contract & addendum – legally binding upon acceptance.
  • Select Your Dining Plan – First-Year students must select a summer meal plan
  • Receive Assignment – You will receive an email once you are assigned to a space
  • Pay Summer Bill – Charges will appear on your Summer student bill in April after the assignment is finalized.

What are my Summer housing options and rates?

Bridge Summer housing will be in Calhoun Courts

Clemson Summer housing will be in Calhoun Courts or Smith Hall. Apartments may be available upon request.

Rental rates will be calculated on a daily basis. Students will be charged the per diem rate listed below for the room type and number of days indicated by the Move In and Move Out date specified on your contract.

  • Residence Hall Room: $28*
  • Apartment: $28*

What are my Summer dining options and rates?

The Dish at McAlister Hall will be open for the Summer. Hours of operation and additional locations will be posted at a later date. *Summer Dining Rates are proposed pending Board of Trustee approval.

  • Summer 20*
    • Block 20 Meals
    • 100 Paw Points
    • Cost: $358
  • Summer 40*
    • Block 40 Meals
    • 200 Paw Points
    • Cost: $676
  • Unlimited Full Summer*
    • No Paw Points
    • Cost: $1532
  • Unlimited Summer I*
    • No Paw Points
    • Cost: $766
  • Unlimited Summer II*
    • No Paw Points
    • Cost: $766

When will I move in and out?

Clemson Session Dates 2024

SessionTerm DatesCheck-inCheck-out
Summer Mini AMay 14-June 3May 12June 4
Summer IMay 14-June 21May 12June 22
Long SummerMay 14-Aug. 5May 12Aug. 6
Summer Mini BJune 4-June 24June 2June 25
Summer Mini CJune 25 -July 15June 23July 16
Summer IIJune 27-Aug. 5June 23Aug. 6
Summer Mini DJuly 19-Aug. 5July 14Aug. 6
Summer Session Dates

Bridge Session Dates 2024

May TermMay 13 – June 3May 12June 4
Session AMay 13 – July 25May 12July 26
Session LBCMay 13 – July 10May 12July 12
Session BMay 13 – June 17May 12June 22
Session CJune 19 – July 26June 17July 27
Bridge Session Dates

All Summer/STEM Start residents who do not sign up for Summer Start/STEM Start Community Housing will be required to move out at the end of the Summer session. Summer Start/STEM Start Community residents will be able to remain in their space through the Academic Year.

Summer Contract Open March 1 (at 8:30 AM ET)