EcoReps Program

What is EcoReps?

EcoReps is Clemson Home’s sustainability-focused, student leadership program. EcoReps includes 5 student-filled executive board positions. The Coordinator for Sustainability Education advises involved students.

An EcoRep is an individual who is committed to taking action towards a sustainable Clemson. EcoReps live on campus and are a part of each residential community’s Community Council. Each community council has 2 spots specifically reserved for EcoReps. To join EcoReps, students must be elected by the students in your community during the Fall semester. While involved in EcoReps, each student will participate in sustainability education and empower themselves and others to create positive change.

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EcoReps seek to promote a strong foundation of sustainable lifestyle practices within the Clemson University campus and community, through fostering a culture of awareness, respect, accountability, and education among peers, staff, and faculty.


  • To foster clear awareness of and concern about economic, social, political, and ecological interdependence in Clemson University’s on-campus students.
  • To provide every on-campus students and staff opportunities to acquire the knowledge, values, attitudes, commitment, and skills needed to protect and improve the environment.
  • To create new patterns of behavior exhibited by individuals, groups, and society as a whole toward the environment.

(Adopted from “The Tbilisi Declaration” 1977)


Every semester EcoReps hold sustainability-related events around campus. Listed below are some previous events that EcoReps have held/participated in.

  • Adopt-A-Stream Water Monitoring
  • Recycling Pick-Ups in Residential Communities
  • EcoMadness Water and Energy Conservation Contest
  • GameDay Recycling
  • Southeastern EcoReps Conference
  • Earth Day Festival
  • Plant Giveaways
  • RecycleMania Tabling
  • Community Gardens

For any additional questions email Gene Cilluffo, the Graduate Assistant for Sustainability at


This Community Garden is a first of its kind green space in Clemson for on campus students. We are conducting a test pilot garden in Thornhill village.

It is our highest hopes that this garden becomes a place of connection and leisure for students, but it will also be a place of learning. Students will have a designated space to grow vegetables, herbs, tubers, etc. with other students. The garden will be designed in such a way that individuals may sit and relax in the community garden.

We hope for a thriving community gardens system on Campus. A program that enables students to have easy access to fresh produce, as well as to grow and maintain plants of their own. Eventually we hope to give excess to local shelters and food banks around Clemson. 

It is our hope that we address three goals 

  1. Education
  2. Community 
  3. Food Insecurity

For more information on the gardens please contact the Community Gardening Chair at