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Welcome to your Clemson Home! Explore University Housing & Dining, learn about your options and how to sign up, and get ready for move-in!

Choose Your Experience

When you live with Clemson Home, you’re getting a full residential experience on campus. You’ll have constant opportunities to engage with other residents, build friendships, participate in new activities, explore your new Clemson Home, and have fun!

With Clemson Home, you get to choose your residential experience through either a Living-Learning Community, our general First-Year experience, or a Bridge Community (if you are a Bridge to Clemson student).

What is the Clemson Residential Experience?

The Residential Experience

We offer events, personalized conversations, resources, and social activities on a regular basis to help you adjust to life on campus, promote learning and growth, and find ways to enjoy your time in Tigertown!

The Residential Experience Model (REM) is designed to help you explore who you are, connect with others, engage intellectually, and lead as a global citizen. These learning goals guide all our residential experiences whether you’re in an LLC, a First-Year community, Bridge Community, or a Continuing community. Our staff are trained to guide you through experiences that will promote growth in each of our four learning goals throughout the year.

Residential Experience Icons


Discover who you are, realize your purpose, and find ways to live out your values, ethics, and beliefs.


Connect with members of the diverse Clemson Family in meaningful ways and be able to have positive interactions.


Become a lifelong learner as you discover on-campus resources and find new ways to solve problems


Find ways you can be a leader as you start to recognize issues on campus and in society in which you can get involved.

What is a Living-Learning Community?

Clemson University Living Learning Communities Logo

Living-Learning Communities

A Living-Learning Community (LLC) allows you to pick your community rather than a building. We offer a wide selection of LLCs focused on a variety of topics, including Major, Identity, and Involvement-centered.

Academic-Centered LLCs allow you to live with students in your major or common academic programs, including RISE, CUBS, and Teaching Fellows.

Identity-Centered LLCs are focused on serving students based on a social identity. While there are often academic components, the primary purpose is to build community and support, such as CONNECTIONS or Spectrum.

Involvement-Centered communities are based on common programs designed to enhance core academic experiences and include extracurricular requirments, such as L3.

Check out our LLC page for a full list of available communities.

What is the First-Year Experience?

Clemson first-year experience

First-Year Experience

Our First-Year residential experience provides general activities, programs, and learning opportunities to help you settle in at Clemson.

Living-Learning Communities provide a deep focus on one area. Our First-Year Experience outside of the LLCs provide a broader experience, with more general programs, activities, and events.

What is the Bridge Experience?

Bridge to Clemson

Bridge to Clemson

Students admitted into the Bridge to Clemson program are required to live on Clemson’s campus in our Bridge to Clemson Communities at Thornhill Village, Lightsey Bridge I, and Lightsey Bridge II.

Bridge to Clemson residents enjoy Bridge-specific programs, activities, and events, as well as easy access to transportation to and from the Tri-County campus.

Can I pick both an LLC and a First-Year community?

Not exactly. LLCs are housed in specific residential communities, so you will be able to experience both, but you may not be able to choose both an LLC and specific building. LLC locations are often selected to provide specific amenities of interest to LLC participants.

You will be able to choose a specific space within the area designated for your LLC but cannot choose a space not located within the LLC.

You will however still be able to participate in general first-year programs and activities, just like any other student.

Explore Our Residential Communities!

First-Year Housing

Bryan Mall

Bryan Mall is one of our largest communities, consisting of six total halls. The Byrnes Lever, and manning are first-year “Highrises”. The Smith and Barnett “Lowrises” are two of our sorority halls that each host a First-Year Floor for first-year women. Mauldin is a women-only first-year lowrise.

Manning will be closed for the 2024-25 Academic Year for renovations.

The Shoeboxes

The Shoebox community is your best choice for affordable residence halls packed with features. With a fantastic location, sink and walk-in closets in each room, plus abundant recreation spaces, you won’t go wrong with any of these five halls.

Cribb & DesChamps

If you are in the Honors College, The Honors Residential College at Cribb and DesChamps is the place for you. Enjoy living with other students in the Honors College, while taking advantage of lounges, study rooms, The Library, The Great Hall and 2 classrooms all on site.


Gressette Hall is the ideal residence hall for students looking to be in the center of the action on campus. With tons of dining options right there in the building, Death Valley and Fike Recreation Center right down the street, and easy access to the rest of campus, Gressette gives you everything you need within easy reach.


Mickel Hall is a suite style hall that exclusively houses our RISE Living-Learning Community. Overlooking Death Valley, Mickel is perfect for football fans and anyone looking for a luxury space. Spacious lounges with huge windows give residents a great place to watch a game, relax, hang out with friends and study.

The Suites

If you’re looking for a great location and suite-style bathrooms, Holmes and McCabe Halls, known as “the Suites”, may be right for you. These halls give you a bathroom off of your room that you only share with three other people. Plus, there’s a great social center and common areas for both buildings, and you’re right in the middle of campus.

Douthit Hills East

Located across the street from the President’s home, this newer residential community offers an all-inclusive living experience. In addition to the three residential buildings in Douthit Hills East, the Douthit Hills Hub offers shopping, dining and a fitness center.

Calhoun Courts

Home to first-year and continuing students, Calhoun Courts is a recently renovated apartment community in a great location beside the Barnes Center and across from Bryan Mall and the Hendrix Center. These two-bedroom apartments house 4 people each with spacious living rooms and kitchens. Take advantage of community amenities such as volleyball and basketball courts, the commons building with a large meeting/social room, laundry and vending machines.

Bridge to Clemson Housing

Thornhill Village

Thornhill Village is a duplex-style apartment community, home to many of our Bridge to Clemson residents. If you want a more independent living experience, front and back entrances, on-site parking and plenty of green space, Thornhill will be the space for you.

Lightsey Bridge I

Lightsey Bridge I is a Bridge to Clemson community in a beautiful natural location across from the SC Botanical Gardens. These two-bedroom apartments house 4 people each with spacious living rooms and kitchens. The Lightsey Bridge Commons Building features laundry and vending along with Bridge to Clemson and community staff offices. Intramural fields and sand volleyball courts are on the corner of the property.

Lightsey Bridge II

Lightsey Bridge II is a Bridge to Clemson community in a beautiful natural location across from the SC Botanical Gardens. These four-bedroom apartments house 4 people each with spacious living rooms and kitchens. The Lightsey Bridge Commons Building features laundry and vending along with Bridge to Clemson and community staff offices. Intramural fields and sand volleyball courts are on the corner of the property.

Explore Dining

Meal Plans

All First-Year students are required to have a meal plan. Clemson-enrolled students must choose an Unlimited Plan and Bridge residents are required to purchase a Bridge Block 100 Plan for both the Fall and Spring semesters. Your selection for the Fall will automatically roll over to the Spring.

Fresh Food Company

Unlimited Plans

Unlimited Meal Plans give you unlimited meal swipes. These can be used at the all-you-care-to-eat Schilletter and Fresh Food Company Dining Halls as well as for meal exchange at select retail locations during specific timeframes.

Meal exchange allows you to use one meal swipe per meal period each day for a maximum of 3 meals. Meal exchange is available at the Douthit Hills Community Hub as well as other specified retail locations.

You have three choices of Unlimited Meal plans with differing numbers of Paw Points and Guest Meals.

  • Unlimited 100: 5 Guest Meals and $100 in Paw Points
  • Unlimited 200: 10 Guest Meals and $200 in Paw Points
  • Unlimited 300: 15 Guest Meals and $300 in Paw Points.

Bridge Block 100

Since Bridge students attend classes at Tri-County and may not eat as many meals on Clemson’s campus, there is a Bridge-specific meal plan that all Bridge students are required to purchase.

The Bridge Block 100 plan includes 100 meal swipes that can be used at the all-you-care-to-eat Schilletter and Fresh Food Company Dining Halls as well as for meal exchange at select retail locations during specific timeframes.

It also includes $250 in Paw Points to allow additional flexibility in dining options.

Meal exchange allows you to use one meal swipe to purchase a single meal at the Douthit Hills Community Hub or other specified retail locations during meal-exchange times.

Paw Points

Paw Points are dining dollars tied to your TigerOne Card that can be used at any dining location on campus, both dining halls and retail locations, as well as P.O.D. market stores on campus. While Paw Points are included with meal plans, you may also reload paw points throughout the semester as needed through the TigerOne office. These will roll over semester to semester until you graduate.

Tiger Stripe

Tiger Stripe is another form of payment tied to your TigerOne card. The difference between Tiger Stripe and Paw Points is Tiger Stripe can be used at select off-campus dining and grocery locations as well as on-campus locations. Tiger Stripe is not included with your meal plan but may be purchased through TigerOne.

Front of Gressette

Dining Locations

Clemson has a wide range of dining locations to fit any student’s tastes and schedule. With three dining halls, sixteen retail eateries, and eight convenience stores across campus, you’ll have plenty of options.

Dining Halls

Schilletter Dining Hall located on the east side of campus in Bryan Mall offers an all-you-care-to-eat experience with display-style cooking stations and made-to-order entrées, including True Balance Allergen Solutions, a Mongolian Grill, rotating menus at the Destination Station, a bistro-inspired grill, brick-over pizza, a salad bar and more. Plus, don’t miss special events and theme meals.

The Fresh Food Company located on the West side of campus in McAlister Hall offers an all-you-care-to-eat experience with display-style cooking stations, Mongolian Grill, pasta, deli, omelet stations and Gluten Solutions Plus, don’t miss special events and theme meals here as well.

Located on the third floor of The Hub at Douthit Hills, the Community Hub boasts four retail eateries: Smokehouse, Fusion, Pies & Wedgies and Chopped. Meal plan holders can use Meal Exchange to purchase a fill meal solution in exchange for a meal swipe.

Retail Eateries

With sixteen retail eateries across campus, you have some phenomenal choices. From national brands like Chick-fil-A, Raising Cane’s and Starbucks to local brands like Peppino’s Pizza, there’s an option for every taste and mood.

Retail locations are around every corner with the East Side Food Court at the Hendrix Student Center and locations in McAlister Hall, at the Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business, at Douthit Hills, and more. At Clemson, you’ll never be far from your favorite foods.

P.O.D Markets

Eight “Provisions on Demand” (P.O.D) markets are located around campus, offering a wide selection of snacks, beverages, gluten-free options, and grab-and-go items. Need some grocery or cosmetic items, but don’t want to leave campus? Just visit a P.O.D. market and feel free to pay with your Paw Points, Tiger Stripe, or a debit or credit card.

Health and Nutrition

We believe good food is essential to a healthy life. Our commitment is to help you power your life on campus with a dining program that makes it easy for you to eat right. This is why we have healthy and wholesome choices available every day and established health and wellness programs that help take some of the mystery out of healthy living.

A registered dietitian is available to provide more information about living a healthy lifestyle and navigating food allergies on campus. For free education and consultations, email

The True Balance Station at Schilletter Dining Hall offers options made with select allergen-aware ingredients. Here you’ll find delicious dishes made without seven of the top eight most common food allergens.

Sign Up for Housing & Dining

Now that you’ve learned all about University Housing & Dining, hopefully you’re ready to get signed up. Click below for full instructions and tutorials and be sure you have signed your contract and found your roommates by the deadline!

Prepare for Move-in

Move-in is an exciting time and we can’t wait to see you! We’ll be sharing information soon about the process and what you need to do to get ready, but for now, be sure you get signed up for housing & dining and follow us on social media and/or subscribe for updates using the form above.


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First-Year Deadlines

  • Sign Up by May 16
  • Timeslots sent May 23
  • Room Selection May 24-26

Bridge Deadlines

  • Sign Up by May 17
  • Bridge Timeslots Sent May 24
  • Room Selection on June 2

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