Fire Safety Information

Fire safety in a residence hall or apartment is everyone’s responsibility. It is important that everyone not only follow fire safety procedures but report all violations or fire hazards to a Resident Assistant immediately.

  • Turn off electric blankets, irons, lamps and curling irons right after use.
  • Never cover lamps with any material for any reason.
  • Candles, wax warmers and other open flame devices are not allowed in residence halls or apartments (not even for decoration).
  • Halogen lamps are not permitted in residence halls or apartments.
  • Keep hallways and exit paths clear at all times.
  • Do not overload circuits by plugging too many appliances into one outlet. If two or more appliances with a combined wattage of more than 1,500 watts are used, use an Underwriter Laboratory approved power strip with a built-in circuit breaker (15 amps or less).
  • Extension cords shall not be used as a substitute for permanent wiring.
  • Extension cords must not be used in succession or in conjunction with power strips.
  • If a fire is observed, immediately move to a safe area, and call 911 to report the fire.
  • If clothing catches on fire, drop to the floor, and roll back and forth until the flame is out.
  • ALWAYS take fire alarms seriously, and leave the building by assigned routes.
  • Gas grills may not be used or stored in any residential area (including apartments).
  • All curtains, decorations or displays used in windows must be made of fire resistant materials.
  • Do not tamper with, cover, or remove any fire detection device.
  • Do not hang anything from a sprinkler head.
  • If you own a hover board, do not leave it charging unattended or plugged in overnight. Call 656-2222 immediately if your hover board begins to produce: fluid, excessive heat, odor, sparking, smoke, flames, etc.