Housing & Dining Cancellations

Initial Cancellations

Your housing contract becomes binding 72 hours after receiving an assignment. If it has been less than 72 hours, you may visit the Clemson Home Portal to cancel your assignment. If you have not been assigned a space and are on the waitlist, you may send an email to clemsonhome@clemson.edu to request a cancellation of your contract. Contract Cancellations are not applicable for First-Year, Bridge, or Fraternity & Sorority Housing students unless you qualify for one of the appeal conditions listed below.


The Appeals Process allows students to request changes to their binding housing or dining contracts or requirements due to extenuating circumstances such as those listed below.

Residency Waiver

Students who wish to live with their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) within Anderson, Oconee, or Pickens County, may submit a request to have the First-Year or Bridge residency requirement waived.

Financial Appeal

To qualify for a financial appeal there must be a documented change in your financial status beyond your control. You will be asked within the portal to include a narrative to support your appeal.

Medical Appeal

The University is in compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). You must register with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) at CUSAS@clemson.edu or 864-656-6848 if you need accommodations prior to submitting your appeal. You will be asked within the portal to include a narrative to support your appeal. If a vacancy exists in a campus housing space that would address the physical environment requested, a medical priority transfer will be arranged. Only if the medical condition cannot be supported by on-campus housing will a release be approved. SAS and Housing will coordinate to make a decision on your request.

Dietary Appeal

You must register with the Clemson Home dietician at nutrition@clemson.edu if you need accommodations prior to submitting your appeal. You will be asked within the portal to include a narrative to support your appeal.

Other Appeal

You may select this option if you believe you have reason for appeal other than the circumstances outlined above. You will be asked within the portal to include a narrative to support your appeal.

School-Related Cancellation

Prior to the semester

Housing contracts may be cancelled due to school-related events that prevent you from living on campus such as academic probation, co-op, graduation, internship, military, student teaching, study abroad, transferring, or non-enrollment/withdrawal prior to the semester. The Appeal – School-Related Cancellation option will be available on the Clemson Home Portal from April – August for Academic Year cancellations and from November – January for Spring Only cancellations.

During the semester

Clemson Home is notified by the Registrar when a student withdraws and drops their classes during the semester. Clemson Home is notified by TCTC when a Bridge Student withdraws from the program or drops to 0 credit hours for the semester. You do not need to complete an appeal for a withdrawal during the semester. Upon notification of the withdrawal by the Registrar or Bridge to Clemson Office, the student will be notified to move out of Housing within 48 hours. There are no refunds for housing and dining for withdrawal from classes within the last 6 weeks of the semester.

Submitting an Appeal

To submit an appeal, you will need to visit the Clemson Home Portal and fill out the Appeals form. If you have any supporting documentation, you may upload within the portal at the time of appeal unless your appeal is medical in nature.

The Appeals Committee meets as needed. You will receive a written reply from the committee after the appeal has been reviewed. If your appeal is approved, you must log in to the portal to accept the decision before any changes will be made to your contract. If your appeal is denied, you have the option to escalate the appeal and provide additional documentation.

DO NOT SIGN ANOTHER LEASE until you have received formal written release from your University Housing Contract.

Fraternity and Sorority Release Process

Per the Fraternity & Sorority agreement, the contract for student organizational housing is binding at the time it is signed, and the student is obligated to pay University Housing fees for the period of the contract, unless they fail to enroll. Requests for release from the contract & addendum based on financial and/or medical circumstances will be reviewed by the Appeals Committee.

For more information, review your housing contract for a complete list of terms and conditions.

Important Notices

Submitting false information to the Appeals Committee with the intent to deceive is in violation of the Student Code of Conduct and may result in disciplinary action and rejection of the appeal.

Submitting an appeal does not defer your Housing or Dining payment. If your appeal is approved, adjustments to your iRoar account will be made.

If you have been removed from Housing based on conduct process sanctions, you are not eligible for a contract release or refund.