Clemson Residential Experience

Choose Your Experience

When you live with Clemson Home, you’re getting a full residential experience on campus. You’ll have constant opportunities to engage with other residents, build friendships, participate in new activities, explore your new Clemson Home, and have fun!

With Clemson Home, you get to choose your residential experience through either a Living-Learning Community, our general First-Year experience, or a Bridge Community (if you are a Bridge to Clemson student).

What is the Clemson Residential Experience?

The Residential Experience

We offer events, personalized conversations, resources, and social activities on a regular basis to help you adjust to life on campus, promote learning and growth, and find ways to enjoy your time in Tigertown!

The Residential Experience Model (REM) is designed to help you explore who you are, connect with others, engage intellectually, and lead as a global citizen. These learning goals guide all our residential experiences whether you’re in an LLC, a First-Year community, Bridge Community, or a Continuing community. Our staff are trained to guide you through experiences that will promote growth in each of our four learning goals throughout the year.

Residential Experience Icons


Discover who you are, realize your purpose, and find ways to live out your values, ethics, and beliefs.


Connect with members of the diverse Clemson Family in meaningful ways and be able to have positive interactions.


Become a lifelong learner as you discover on-campus resources and find new ways to solve problems


Find ways you can be a leader as you start to recognize issues on campus and in society in which you can get involved.

What is a Living-Learning Community?

Clemson University Living Learning Communities Logo

Living-Learning Communities

A Living-Learning Community (LLC) allows you to pick your community rather than a building. We offer a wide selection of LLCs focused on a variety of topics, including Major, Identity, and Involvement-centered.

Academic-Centered LLCs allow you to live with students in your major or common academic programs, including RISE, CUBS, and Teaching Fellows.

Identity-Centered LLCs are focused on serving students based on a social identity. While there are often academic components, the primary purpose is to build community and support, such as CONNECTIONS or Spectrum.

Involvement-Centered communities are based on common programs designed to enhance core academic experiences and include extracurricular requirments, such as L3.

Check out our LLC page for a full list of available communities.

What is the First-Year Experience?

Clemson first-year experience

First-Year Experience

Our First-Year residential experience provides general activities, programs, and learning opportunities to help you settle in at Clemson.

Living-Learning Communities provide a deep focus on one area. Our First-Year Experience outside of the LLCs provide a broader experience, with more general programs, activities, and events.

What is the Bridge Experience?

Bridge to Clemson

Bridge to Clemson

Students admitted into the Bridge to Clemson program are required to live on Clemson’s campus in our Bridge to Clemson Communities at Thornhill Village, Lightsey Bridge I, and Lightsey Bridge II.

Bridge to Clemson residents enjoy Bridge-specific programs, activities, and events, as well as easy access to transportation to and from the Tri-County campus.

Can I pick both an LLC and a First-Year community?

Not exactly. LLCs are housed in specific residential communities, so you will be able to experience both, but you may not be able to choose both an LLC and specific building. LLC locations are often selected to provide specific amenities of interest to LLC participants.

You will be able to choose a specific space within the area designated for your LLC but cannot choose a space not located within the LLC.

You will however still be able to participate in general first-year programs and activities, just like any other student.