Faculty Friends

We invite faculty to participate in the Faculty Friends initiative to engage with first-year residents through intentional interactions that invite self-exploration and understanding of what it means to live in a community.  With the support of Residential Living staff (Resident Assistants, graduate and full-time staff), faculty will be invited into the residence hall to engage with students and facilitate experiences that meet the unique needs of individual student populations.  A comprehensive list of targeted learning outcomes will be provided for faculty to work together with Residential Living staff to create experiences that facilitate learning.

Learning outcomes include:


Identify social identities
Examine personal values
Recognize which identities are given privilege

Living in Community

Recognize impact of actions on community
Articulate the value of interacting with people from diverse identities
Challenge instances of oppression in the community

What’s required?

Faculty will be assigned one floor of residents for the year and will be required to interact with the residents as a community at least twice per month (approximately 6 hours per month total).  Individual and small group interactions are strongly encouraged and are supported by use of the employee meal plan and program funding in Residential Living.

There is an expectation that Faculty Friends will complete a brief training and will participate in the residential move-in day for their assigned community in August.

Program Support

Faculty who participate in the program will be given an employee meal plan to use in part for engagement with the residents as well as personal use.  Each faculty will also be given a programming budget of $300.00 to support engagement with the residents.


Complete the Faculty Friend program application.

For more information, please email our Faculty Friend Director, Vanessa Condon.