Welcome Home to Clemson! Your Clemson Family is excited to welcome you to Tigertown, but there are some important things you need to know and do before you arrive. Make sure you’re ready for Clemson Move-In!

Welcome Home!

We hope you are as excited as we are for move-in! It’s an exciting time and it’ll be here before we know it. To make sure you are prepared to come to Clemson, make sure you read and complete all the items below. We can’t wait to welcome you to your new home and we’ll CU soon!

Student on Bed

Get Ready

Make sure you have all the information needed for a successful move-in and get ready for your arrival on campus!

Set your Move-in Appointment (Fall Only)

Move-in appointments are available any time after you have selected or been assigned to a space. Each resident must set an appointment in the Clemson Home Portal to determine the exact time and date that you will move in. Below you will find the dates that will be available for each student classification.

  • First-Year: August 18-20
  • Sorority (Barnett, Quad, Smith): August 16
  • Continuing: August 18-20
  • Bridge: August 18-20

Prepare to Park

Unloading Car

Unloading Pass

You will unload vehicles at your community in designated unloading zones close to your building.

To be allowed into the unloading zones, you must have an unloading pass filled out and placed in the windshield.

After unloading your belongings, you will need to move your vehicles to a parking lot.

Parking Permit

Students who will be keeping their vehicle on campus will need to purchase a parking permit prior to arriving and will park in a resident lot.

Any vehicle leaving after move-in may park in family lot locations in C1 and C2.

Follow Clemson Home

Be sure you’re staying up to date with everything from Clemson Home.

Get the Guide

The Clemson Home Guide gives you all the resources you’ll need for move-in and on-campus living right in the palm of your hand!

Guidebook app on phone

How to Download

  • Download the Clemson University Events App from the app store on your phone (Android or iOS).
  • Open the app and search for Clemson University Housing & Dining

Student's Packed Stuff

Get Packed

Have everything you need for move-in? Let’s make sure! Below you’ll find all the information you need for purchasing, renting, packing, and shipping. We highly recommend using packing labels to ensure your items don’t get lost during move-in. Print them on Avery (r) Template 5164/8164 or use printer paper and tape.

What to Bring

Consider bringing the following items. These are approved for use in University Housing and are not provided. Be sure to check with your roommate(s) so duplicate items are not brought.

  • Trash can
  • Broom & dustpan or small vacuum
  • Laundry basket, detergent & fabric softener (for HE machines)
  • Towels (bath, hand, washcloth)
  • Toiletries
  • Flip-flops for showering
  • Bedding to fit an extra-long twin mattress: mattress cover/topper, sheets, pillows, blankets
    • Important note: Residents in Douthit Hills West (Buildings A, B, C and D) and Thornhill Village will need bedding to fit a full-size mattress instead.
  • Clothes hangers
  • Storage bins
  • Folding chairs, inflatable seating, etc.
  • Push pins or white sticky tack
  • Re-usable water bottle
  • A few dishes (bowl, plate, flatware)
  • Can opener
  • Laptop (CCIT’s List)
  • Flashlight and batteries
  • First aid kit/medicine
  • Umbrella, raincoat & boots
  • Television, mini-projector, or tablet
  • Power strip (no extension cords)
  • Clothes for the Fall semester

Additional Items for Suites

  • Bathroom cleaning supplies
  • Shower curtain (liners are provided)
  • Toilet paper

Additional Items for Apartments

  • Bathroom cleaning supplies
  • Shower curtain (liners are provided)
  • Toilet paper
  • Cooking utensils
  • Cookware
  • Dishes
  • Most normal kitchen appliances, including microwave ovens, may be used in apartment
    kitchens. These include: George Foreman Grills®, Panini presses, coffee makers and Keurig machines, blenders,
    slow cookers and toasters (not toaster ovens)

What to Leave Behind

We ask that residents do not bring the following items. This is done to keep our residents safe and our residence halls in good condition. These items are prohibited in all University Housing.

  • Air conditioners and space heaters
  • Parachute canopies on the ceiling
  • Cooking appliances for the residence hall (i.e. rice cooker, toaster oven, hot plate)
  • Fog, Smoke, and Haze Machines
  • Weapons, explosives and fireworks
  • Candles and wax warmers
  • Incense
  • Halogen lamps
  • Hoverboard
  • Extension cords
  • Pets other than fish
  • Screws, nails
  • Refrigerators over 3.6 cubic feet
  • Microwaves
  • Grills
  • Change for the washer/dryer – we offer limitless laundry in all our residential communities! (Not prohibited – just not needed.)
  • Printer – Clemson offers no-cost printing quotas to all students each semester (Not prohibited – just not needed.)

*Common bathroom areas will be cleaned by custodial staff – all residents who have a sink, bathroom or kitchenette in their space will be responsible for their own cleaning.

Room decorations such as posters, curtains, bulletin boards, etc. may be used along with push pins and white sticky tack. However, no drilling or nailing is allowed. Curtains (tension rod recommended) must be fire resistant.

Packing Tips & Ideas

Less is More

  • Contact your roommate(s) prior to move-in to avoid duplication of items
  • Remember, move-in and move-out are busy times, and the smaller your load the easier it is to handle
  • Space is always limited, so don’t bring anything you aren’t sure you’ll need
  • Pack your stuff carefully to bring the fewest boxes possible

Be versatile

  • Crates can be great for move-in and as shelves for your room
  • Instead of bringing a futon, bring inflatable or folding furniture
  • Folding ottomans can be great storage and seating
  • Folding chairs are easy to transport and store, but provide extra seating when needed

Limit Your Wardrobe

  • Think about the occasions you’ll need clothes for and pack accordingly. Remember, you don’t need everything.
  • Limit your clothes to just what will fit in your clothes basket. Closet and dresser space is limited, so be selective!
  • Bring clothes that work for multiple occasions and can be versatile.

Ditch the bulk and go small

  • Instead of a TV, plan to watch on your laptop or phone, or bring a small projector
  • Instead of bringing a minifridge, consider renting a Microfridge
  • Instead of large furniture, find more portable seating options
  • Instead of big decorations, go for small personalization

Wall Hooks

While we know that Command Strips are a staple for college housing, we have started to see damage in some of our residence halls after constant long-term use of the strips on drywall. To make sure our living spaces continue to be well-maintained and attractive for all current and future residents, we do ask that you consider using alternatives if possible. We love when our residents personalize their spaces and show off their personalities, so check out this list of decorating options that have worked well for other students.

  • High and Mighty Hooks* (for drywall only)
  • White sticky tack for posters and pictures
  • Tension rods for curtains and storage needs
  • Over the door hooks for doors, beds, etc.
  • Magnetic hooks for metal surfaces, including lofted bed
  • Freestanding shelving (wire shelving can be versatile, portable, and may have hooks)
  • Freestanding towel or drying rack
  • Suction cup hooks for smooth surfaces
  • Clamp hooks and shelves
  • Push pins for lightweight items
  • Monkey hooks* for heavier items
  • Helpyhooks*
  • Push pin hooks

We encourage you to get creative with your room and figure out ways to make it your own. There are plenty of options and you can always look online for more ideas!

Note: Some communities have cinder block walls and will not be able to use many of our alternatives. For these communities, damage will be minimal and Command Strips may be your best option. These communities include the Shoeboxes (Benet, Cope, Geer, Sanders, Young), Bryan Mall (Barnett, Byrnes, Lever, Manning, Mauldin, Smith) and Thornhill Village.

*Clemson Home is not endorsing any specific products. Brand names are used only as common identifiers for general product types such as adhesive strips, drywall hooks, etc.


The MicroFridge is the ONLY MICROWAVE ALLOWED in residence hall rooms.

Order now at

To guarantee pre-delivery of your unit to your room before you arrive for the Fall semester, please order before July 30th. A late fee of $25 will be added to your order if placed after the advertised deadline date. MicroFridge rentals are not available for the Summer semester.

*Please note you may bring your own refrigerator as long as it is 3.6 cubic feet or smaller, but cooking appliances other than a Microfridge are not allowed in the residence hall rooms. Hall kitchens are available in each community. Most normal kitchen appliances, including microwave ovens, may be used in apartment kitchens.

MicroFridge Features

Over 1,600 MicroFridge’s were ordered by Clemson students last year with CCI!

All MicroFridge’s have a smoke sensor embedded in the microwave. This safety feature will automatically shut off the microwave at any detection of smoke. Also, each microwave will have a charging station with 2 USB ports and 1 traditional outlet.

The MicroFridge’s conform to all Clemson University and Housing building, fire, and safety specifications.

The proceeds support Student Government and the Residence Hall Association in their programming efforts.


Twin XL bedding is required for all on-campus housing, except Douthit Hills West and Thornhill Village (which offer full-size beds)

OCM is a wonderful place to find all your campus essentials, selling the Twin XL sheets, as well as Clemson gifts, organization accessories, care packages, decor, and more! Purchasing your college supplies from OCM allows you to get your shopping done in one place while also supporting the Clemson Residence Hall Association!

Shop Linens!

Shipping Ahead

Information about your P.O. Box assignment will be sent to your Clemson University email account around the first week of August. Please do not ship anything until you receive your P.O. Box assignment.

If you need to ship items in advance to your P.O. Box, send them to:

Student’s First and Last Name

2275 University Station

DH or SM (Box Number)

Clemson, SC 29632

DH is used in front of the box number for Douthit Hills residents and SM is used for everyone else.

Student Mail Services will begin accepting packages prior to move-in weekend for you to retrieve your items. Be mindful of your estimated delivery date and your move-in date, as packages should be picked up promptly upon receiving your notification email. Also consider how you will transport belongings back to your residence after picking them up. Visit Student Mail Services’ guide to mail and package pickup for more information.

2020 Move-In

Get Here!

What’s the process for Move-In Day?

Check In

Your check-in location is dependent on the type of student you are, your residence hall location, and whether you are a new resident in the Fall, Spring, or summer semester.

Shoebox Front Desk

Late Arrivals

If you are arriving outside of the designated move-in dates, you will need to check in at your community’s front desk. Be sure you contact Parking Services to arrange for unloading parking. You will also need to ensure you have uploaded proof of a negative COVID test within 5 days of your arrival and scheduled an on-arrival test for the day you check in.

Parking Lot Check-In

Fall East Campus Check-In (Douthit, Calhoun Courts)

Douthit and Calhoun Courts Residents for the Fall semester will check in at the P-5 Parking Lot to receive their key before proceeding to their building. You will need to follow the driving directions for East Campus Check-In. If you are checking in after the assigned times or have been approved for early arrival, you will need to check in at your community’s front desk.

Fall West Campus Check-In (Shoeboxes, Gressette, Mickel, Holmes, McCabe, Cribb, DesChamps, Byrnes, Lever, Manning, Mauldin, Barnett, Smith, and the Quad)

West Campus and Bryan Mall Residents for the Fall semester will check in at the C-1 Parking Lot to receive their key before proceeding to their building. You will need to follow the driving directions for West Campus Check-In. If you are checking in after the assigned times or have been approved for early arrival, you will need to check in at your community’s front desk.

Calhoun Courts Check-In

Bridge Students

Bridge students for the Fall semester will check in at the Commons Building for their community to receive their key before proceeding to their building.

Manning Front Desk

Summer School Move-In

Summer School residents will check in at their community’s front desk.

Cribb Deschamps Front Desk

Spring Semester Move-In

Spring Semester Residents will check in at their community’s front desk.


You will have 30 minutes to unload your vehicle in designated locations close to your building but will need to move your vehicle as soon as you are done. You will need to fill out and print an Unloading Pass for each vehicle and place it in the windshield in order to be allowed into unloading zones.

Move your vehicle

Parking for guest vehicles during Fall Move-in will be available in family lot locations in Lots C1 and C2 with shuttles to bring you back to the residential communities. Student vehicles that will be staying on campus will need a valid parking permit and may park in a resident lot according to their permit.


Once you have moved your vehicle, you may return to your space and begin unpacking. Remember to take all trash and recycling to the receptacles outside the building and don’t block hallways or doors as you unpack.

If you would like to loft your bed, follow our instructions to do so with two people and a rubber mallet.

If you would like a bed rail for your bed, check to see if one is already in your room and then check with the front desk for your community. If one is not available at the front desk, contact maintenance.

Lofting your Bed

Students are responsible for lofting their own beds. However, lofting the provided ADA compliant modular beds is a simple process requiring two people. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Remove the mattress
  2. Lift all four corners of the spring frame out of the headboard and footboard
  3. Raise the frame to the desired height (11 different options)
  4. Hook the frame on the brackets on each leg
  5. Make sure it’s secure
  6. Replace the mattress
  7. Enjoy the extra space!

What is a Modular Bed Frame?

The bed frames provided are modular, which will allow you to raise or lower your bed to various heights without a loft kit. Raising the height of your bed creates more floor space, which allow more room for things like futons and TV’s.

Can I Use Other Lofts/Risers?

Raised platform floors, bed risers, personally constructed lofts, or other physical space alterations are not allowed in any University-owned housing.

Fall 2022 Schedule

  • First-Year Move-in: August 18-20
  • Sorority (Barnett, Quad, Smith) Move-in: August 16
  • Continuing Move-in: August 18-20
  • Bridge Move-in: August 18-20
  • Sorority Potential New Members Move-in: August 17 (Move In Appointments: 8am-12pm)
  • Fall 2022 Meal Plans Activate: August 16


If you experience any issues accessing online content, please let us know by contacting or 864-656-2295.