Resident Hall Association (RHA)

The mission of RHA is to be a residential resource organization, advocate for on-campus residents and promote leadership, services, and opportunities in order to create a link between the residents and the University by educating the residents, promoting diversity and serving as a voice.

RHA represents the 6,500+ students living within Clemson University’s residence halls, apartments, and suites.

Our purpose is to better the on-campus living experience by building community, listening to student’s concerns, and providing social and education programs for residents. We do this through two separate entities: the RHA General Assembly and the Community Councils.

Community Councils

Each residence hall or group of residence halls has a council that serves as the voice of that hall. We refer to these councils as “Community Councils.” These councils meet weekly to plan program for residents, take polls and surveys concerning the specific residence hall, and get student feedback on a variety of larger issues. Each hall council has 2 members called Senators, who attend weekly General Assembly meetings lead by the Executive RHA President.

The community councils are:

  • Byrnes/Lever
  • Calhoun Courts/Thornhill Village
  • Core Campus
  • Douthit East
  • Douthit West
  • Holmes/McCabe
  • Lightsey Bridge
  • Manning/Mauldin
  • Mickel (formerly Stadium Suites)
  • Shoeboxes

Each community council consists of members who are elected by their peers in early September. All community councils have the following positions:


Presides over the community council. Their main responsibilities are ensuring that social events and advocacy initiatives are occurring in the residence halls.

Community Advocate

They will oversee any council advocacy initiatives. They also serve on the RHA Advocacy committee where they will assist in planning campus wide advocacy initiatives.


To oversee the contact sheet, take minutes and attendance at all community council meetings. They also oversee all document management for events and receipts from any council purchases.

Senator (2)

To represent the community council at General Assembly meetings on Thursday nights At 7pm. Bring back and update community council about all RHA events and information.

Events Chair

Coordinates, advertises and organizes all community council events.

Eco-Reps (2)

Educates and advocates for sustainable practices within the residence halls. The Eco-Reps ensure that any hall events are planned with sustainability in mind. This position also attends weekly to bi-weekly Ecological Representative meetings which will be decided upon the availability of the council.

Appointed Council Members

To represent the concerns and opinions of their residential area population fairly and honestly at community council meetings. They can assist in a variety of initiatives including but not limited to: event planning, advocacy initiatives, and recognition efforts within the halls.

General Assembly

RHA General Assembly meetings occur every Thursday night at 7:00 pm. At these meetings, members vote on legislation for RHA and help the executive board plan events, hold open forums, and bridge the gap between residents and the Housing Department.

How to Get Involved

During the first two weeks of classes RHA members will be holding an information session in each residence hall. Look out for flyers posted and any emails from your building’s Community Director (the graduate student or professional staff member who runs your building) about the date and time.

When locations and times are finalized they will be posted here.

Check out RHA on Tiger Quest, keep up to date with all meetings and information regarding RHA.

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