Residential Marketing


Clemson Home offers student organizations and campus departments a variety of ways to share their messages and events directly with residential students across campus!

To get your content displayed in residential areas on campus, simply submit it for approval by Clemson Home Marketing and Communications staff through our simple submission forms.

There are three great ways available to promote your content: Residential Digital Signage in prominent locations throughout housing locations, the Campus Life Channel, and our Community Communications App. Use these platforms to reach and engage the Clemson community more effectively!

Residential Digital Signage

Clemson Home’s residential digital signage is an excellent way for departments and student organizations to advertise and promote events directly to residential students. This digital signage is strategically placed in high-traffic areas such as lobbies, elevators, area desks, and the Douthit Hub, ensuring maximum visibility.

Submissions can be tailored to reach all residential areas or targeted specifically to primarily first-year communities, Bridge housing, or continuing student housing. By leveraging this platform, you can effectively engage with the residential student community and boost participation in your events.

First-Year Housing Signage

  • Douthit E Lobby
  • Douthit F Lobby
  • Douthit G Lobby
  • Benet Hall Lobby
  • Cope Hall Lobby
  • Geer Hall Lobby
  • Sanders Lobby
  • Young Hall Lobby
  • Gressette Lobby
  • Mickel Lobby
  • Holmes Lobby
  • McCabe Laundry
  • Cribb Hall Ground Floor Elevator Lobby
  • Cribb Hall 1st Floor Entrance
  • DesChamps Hall 1st Floor Elevator Lobby
  • Mauldin Hall lobby
  • Barnett Hall Lobby
  • Smith Lobby
  • Lever Lobby
  • Calhoun Courts Commons Laundry
  • Thornhill Commons Laundry

Bridge to Clemson Housing Signage

  • Lightsey Commons Laundry
  • Thornhill Commons Laundry

Continuing Housing Signage

  • Douthit A Lobby
  • Douthit B East Elevator Lobby
  • Douthit B West Elevator Lobby
  • Douthit C East Elevator Lobby
  • Douthit C West Elevator Lobby
  • Douthit D Lobby
  • Barnett Hall Lobby
  • Smith Lobby
  • Cribb Hall Ground Floor Elevator Lobby
  • Cribb Hall 1st Floor Entrance
  • DesChamps Hall 1st Floor Elevator Lobby
  • Calhoun Courts Commons Laundry
  • Norris Office Lobby

Dining & Common Access Area Signage

  • Douthit Hub 1st Floor – Bookstore (2 Screens)
  • Douthit Hub 2nd Floor – Fitness Center (2 Screens)
  • Douthit Hub 3rd Floor – Dining Hall (2 Screens)
  • West Area Desk – The Dish Dining Hall Entrance
  • East Area Desk – Mauldin Hall lobby
  • Mell Hall Lobby

Other Campus Screens

Other campus screens are managed through the Campus Digital Network. Campus departments interested in submitting content to other screens in the Campus Digital Network, may do so through the Campus-Wide Digital Request button below.

Residential Marketing opportunities are available to Campus Departments and Registered Student Organizations. Requests may be submitted through the Residential Marketing Request below.

Campus Life Channel

The Campus Life Channel is available through the television service provided to all on-campus residents. All registered student organizations and campus departments can submit their digital signage to this dedicated channel on the service.

Band App

The Band app is a versatile residential communications tool perfect for promoting your digital content. This app works as an announcement and group messaging app within each of our residential communities. With two ways to share your message—through the Residential Life Calendar or direct posts—you can effectively reach your target audience.

Keep in mind that Band content is more selective than digital signage, and all postings require a request for approval. This ensures that only the most relevant and engaging information is being pushed out through the platform.

Just submit your content through the form and if it is approved, we’ll post it on the appropriate channels.

Residential Communications Policies

Submission Policies

  • Only recognized student organizations and campus departments may submit digital signage for the residential communities.
  • The name and contact information of the organization/department sponsoring the program or event must be included on all messages.
  • All Clemson Univerisity content submissions must follow the University brand guidelines.
  • Two weeks is the maximum time that signage can be displayed

Acceptable subject matter and content

  • Upcoming Events
  • Promotions
  • Campus life information
  • Department updates
  • Current events
  • Safety/security

Required Content Standards

  • All graphics must adhere to ADA standards. 
  • Messages that are off-brand, infringe someone’s rights or violate the law, will not be displayed.
  • Simplify your message for quick understanding and ensure text is large enough for easy reading from a distance, adjusting font size as needed for clarity.
    • Use short headlines (10 words or fewer).
    • Keep secondary text brief (15 words or fewer).

Approved specs and supported file types:

  • All signage must use the dimensions 1920 x 1080.
  • .JPG, .JPEG 
  • .PNG/.TIFF 
  • .GIF, .PPT*/.PPTX*, .MP4 
  • .MP4, .M4V 

Contact Our Marketing Staff

If you have any questions or specific needs related to residential marketing, please reach out to our staff below.