Gressette Hall

Gressette Hall is the ideal residence hall for students looking to be in the center of the action on campus. With tons of dining options right there in the building, Death Valley and Fike Recreation Center right down the street, and easy access to the rest of campus, Gressette gives you everything you need within easy reach.

  • Number of residential rooms
    257 Spaces
  • Room rate
  • Resident type
    First Year
  • Coed
Gressette Room

West Campus Area Desk

Area Desk

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Sara Dobrzynski

Community Director of Mickel & Gressette

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Kaleb Scott

Graduate Community Director for Mickel & Gressette

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If I have questions once I’ve settled in, who can answer these?

All university housing facilities are staffed with Resident Assistants and a Graduate Community Director. Generally Resident Assistants are undergraduate students living on the floor with total responsibility for that area. Graduate Community Directors are graduate students also residing in the building.

Additionally, each community is staffed with an Community Director. This staff member is a full-time, professional Housing employee.

How is housing priority established?

New Students housing priority for all is based on the admissions application date to the University, and not the housing application date.

Continuing Students/Bridge: Priority is based on the number of roommates, those with four roommates, then two roommates, and then singles.

When are Housing applications due?

For Fall semester, housing applications are usually due: 

For Spring semester, housing applications are due: 

For specific dates for this year, please see our housing calendar. 

How many roommates can a first year student have?

The majority of housing accommodations available to first-year students are designated as two-person rooms. In certain suite-style communities, such as Holmes Hall, McCabe Hall and the Honors Residential College, a suite may accommodate up to four residents. In this setup, each room houses two roommates and is connected to another room which accommodates an additional two residents.

On the night of room selection, if there are room spaces with four bed spaces available then you will be able to assign your entire roommate group to the suite. However, if no residential communities with four-person options are available then the roommate group will need to decide how to split into pairs or singles, etc.

This split DOES NOT need to be made in the Clemson Home Portal since all roommate group members will receive an email with a time slot. We highly recommend each group creates a backup plan for this scenario since a majority of first-year communities accommodate two residents per room.

Example: The following is a sample of time slots assigned to a group of four:
Student A: May 23 6 p.m. ET
Student B: May 24 6:30 p.m. ET
Student C: May 24 7 p.m. ET
Student D: May 24 8 p.m. ET

The group decides that Student A will sign in to the Clemson Home Portal to attempt to assign the group of four to a suite in Holmes Hall, because they have the earliest timeslot.
Upon logging in, Student A alerts the group that there are no longer any suites available with four open spaces. Student A may then assign themselves to a double space with students B, C, or D.
Prior to logging in Students A and C agreed they wished to be a roommate pair and students B and D agreed they would also be a roommate pair and in the case that a suite was not available, Student A will assign themselves and student C to a two-person room in Cope Hall while Students B and D will wait until the following evening for Student B to assign B and D to another room in Cope Hall.

Thus, the roommate group is located within the same building, even though they could not be suite-mates.

Prior to the start of room selection, it is important to discuss your group's location preferences and what to do in the event your first choice is not available for selection.

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Housing Rules


Housing Rules

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