Thornhill Village

Thornhill Village is a duplex-style apartment community, home to many of our Bridge to Clemson residents. These quad apartments house four residents each in two shared bedrooms and offer plenty of green space as well as on-site parking.

Thornhill Village rooms are labeled with the full address format: [Street Name], [Apartment Number], [Duplex Side], [Bedroom Number], and [Bed Number]. Bedroom 1 has two spaces labeled as “1-1” and “1-2” and Bedroom 2  has two spaces labeled as “2-1” and “2-2.”.

  • Number of residential rooms
    344 Spaces
  • Room rate
  • Resident type
    Bridge, First Year
  • Coed
Thornhill Exterior

East Campus Area Desk

Area Desk

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Christine Charette

Community Director for Lightsey Bridge II & Thornhill Village

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Allen Geiger

Graduate Community Director for Lightsey Bridge II

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Chris King

Graduate Community Director for Thornhill Village & Lightsey Bridge II

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If I have questions once I’ve settled in, who can answer these?

All university housing facilities are staffed with Residential Community Mentors (RCMs) and a Graduate Community Director. Generally RCMs are undergraduate students living on the floor with total responsibility for that area. Graduate Community Directors are graduate students also residing in the building.

Additionally, each community is staffed with an Community Director. This staff member is a full-time, professional Housing employee.

What Do I Do If It’s Too Hot In My Room When I Move In?

Drugs and Alcohol

Drug & Alcohol Safety


Housing Rules


Housing Rules

Weapons & Fireworks

Housing Rules