Thornhill Village

Thornhill Village is a duplex-style apartment community, home to many of our Bridge to Clemson residents. These triple apartments house three residents each and offer plenty of green space as well as on-site parking.

Thornhill Village rooms are labeled with the full address format: [Street Name], [Apartment Number], [Duplex Side], [Bedroom Number], and [Bed Number]. Bedroom 1 is a single room labeled as “1-1,” while Bedroom 2 is a double room with two bed spaces labeled as “2-1” and “2-2.”.

  • Number of residential rooms
    169 Spaces
  • Room rate
  • Resident type
  • Coed
Thornhill Exterior

East Campus Area Desk

Area Desk

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Allen Geiger

Graduate Community Director for Lightsey Bridge II

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Chris King

Graduate Community Director for Thornhill Village

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May I request another incoming first-year student as a roommate?

Yes. You will have the option to request up to three roommates of your choice. You will create and confirm your roommate group in step one of the sign-up process.

Where can I buy linens and other supplies?

If I’m unhappy with my selected room or roommate, can I get it changed before school opens? How?

It is our goal to make everyone happy with their room and roommate assignment. Even after assignments are made, we will continue to work to accommodate your preferences. If you want us to change something about your assignment, please complete a Housing Change Request  While we can't guarantee the change you want, we promise we will try our best to honor your request.

Where can I find information about living off campus?

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Housing Rules

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