Lightsey Bridge II

Lightsey Bridge II is a Bridge to Clemson community in a beautiful natural location across from the SC Botanical Gardens. These four-bedroom apartments house 4 people each with spacious living rooms and kitchens. The Lightsey Bridge Commons Building features laundry and vending along with Bridge to Clemson and community staff offices. Intramural fields and sand volleyball courts are on the corner of the property.

  • Number of residential rooms
    350 Spaces
  • Room rate
  • Resident type
  • Coed
Lightsey Bridge Exterior

East Campus Area Desk

Area Desk

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Keilah Shannon

Community Director for Lightsey Bridge ll

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What Should I Bring?

Visit our Move-in page and check the what to bring section.

Can I smoke in my residence hall room or apartment?

Clemson University is a tobacco free campus. See Clemson University policy.

What do I do if something is wrong in the room?

If you need to report a problem, please fill out a maintenance request.

For emergency service after these hours, please contact the Resident Assistant on call.

Can I have a pet?

Yes, FISH ONLY! And only in a 10 gallon or smaller aquarium. 

Service animals are permitted with approval through our Student Accessibility Services

Drugs and Alcohol

Drug & Alcohol Safety


Housing Rules


Housing Rules

Weapons & Fireworks

Housing Rules