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Where to Live?

Bryan Mall 

Located on east campus, the Bryan Mall community consists of a “low-rises” (Mauldin) and the “high-rises” (Byrnes, Lever and Manning). Each hall houses two students per room and communal baths are located on each floor.

Core Campus

Located on the west campus, Core Campus will consist of three residence halls, one dining hall and much more. Two of three residence halls will be suite-style rooms, which will be home to the Calhoun Honors College. The other residence hall will be two person rooms with semi-private bathrooms.

Holmes and McCabe 

Holmes and McCabe are located on west campus. These residence halls feature suite-style rooms that house four students (two per room) with each room divided by a shared bath.

Johnstone Main and Annex 

Located on west campus, Johnstone Main and Annex house two students per room with communal baths on each floor.


Located on west campus, each residence hall in the Shoebox area houses two students per room with communal baths located on each floor.