Where are Faculty-In-Residence located?

We currently have active faculty-in-residence programs in the Holmes/McCabe Community, the Shoeboxes, Mickel/Gressette, Honors Residential College, Fraternity & Sorority Housing, Lightsey Bridge, and Calhoun Courts/Thornhill Village.

How do I access our Chapter’s storage cage?

Fraternity Sorority Housing works with the chapters living in the Quad to provide additional chapter storage in the basement of Wannamaker Hall. This storage is accessible to chapter members who live on the chapter hall through their card access privileges. In addition, each storage cage is locked with a combination pin or lock. The Chapter President or House Manager may request this code from the Coordinator for Fraternity Sorority Housing.

Our Chapter has terminated the membership of a chapter member, what is the next step for a room change?

The chapter president will review membership status with the member and will update their membership status in the University’s Greek Roster System to “terminated”. The chapter president should then reach out to the Coordinator for Fraternity Sorority Housing indicating the Greek
Roster system update has been made.

When the Coordinator for Fraternity Sorority Housing verifies the updated membership status they will reach out to the student to begin the room change process.

I am no longer a member, how can I move off the Chapter Hall?

Contact your chapter president and indicate your intent to leave the chapter. University Housing will not move a resident out of Fraternity Sorority Housing as long as the member is still affiliated with the organization.

Please work with your chapter president to remove you from the University’s Greek Roster system. After your chapter president has completed your removal from the University’s Greek Roster
system, please reach out to the Coordinator for Fraternity Sorority Housing requesting a room change from the hall.

Once University Housing staff have verified your membership status, you can then be begin the room change process from the Chapter Hall.

How can our Chapter update/upgrade our Chapter Space?

Chapter space renovations are cyclical from National Headquarters just as with any organization, even University Housing. If your chapter finds that you would like to look into a renovation of your chapter space, please reach out to the Coordinator for Fraternity Sorority Housing. At this point a meeting can be scheduled and plan can be put together of the information the chapter needs to put together for a renovations proposal.

When can I move onto my Chapter Hall?

Chapter members must have completed one semester at a college or university before they are eligible to live on the Chapter Hall. New freshmen may not reside in Fraternity Sorority Housing their first semester. However, new freshmen who become chapter members during their first semester may move onto the chapter hall for their second semester per the Chapter’s Hall Assignments Roster for Mid Year Room Changes, no earlier than January during the prescribed room change period. At any point in the semester, within the Room Change dates, if a current chapter member would like to move on the Chapter Hall, they would need to speak to the House Manager to be approved and added to the Chapter’s Hall Assignment Roster.

How and can I Move onto my Chapter Hall?

Please reach out to your chapter’s House Manager or Chapter President and discuss your desire to live on the chapter hall. While Fraternity Sorority Housing is set up similar to other communities on campus, each fraternity and sorority complete their own room assignments for their chapter and they report those to University Housing for the assignment of those members within the Chapter Hall.