Continuing Housing Sign-up

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Continuing Housing

Interested in signing up for housing and dining? Housing is not guaranteed for continuing students and spaces will be limited, but we do anticipate having a variety of apartment styles available in our Douthit Hills West community and Calhoun Courts. Learn more about signing up below!

Is housing guaranteed for me?

Housing is guaranteed and required for first year and Bridge to Clemson students. On-campus housing is prioritized for new-to campus students to support their transition to campus during that critical first year. Continuing students are offered housing as available.

What if I miss the deadline?

Continuing Student Late Applicants

Housing is not guaranteed or required for continuing students. Off-campus housing information can be found on the Off-Campus Services webpage.

What if I’m in a fraternity or sorority, or an athlete?

Please be sure that you are in contact with your house manager (if in a fraternity or sorority) or coach (if an athlete) about your plans for housing in the fall.

Sign Academic Year Contract

  • Select a Term – Academic Year 2024-25 will begin in August 2024.
  • Review, sign, and print/save contract & addendum – legally binding upon acceptance.
  • Select Your Dining Plan – First-Year students must select an unlimited plan
  • Consider Your Community Choices – Living-Learning Community or No LLC housing

What are my Academic Year housing options and rates?

A Living-Learning Community (LLC) allows you to pick your community rather than a building. We offer a wide selection of LLCs focused on a variety of topics, including Major, Identity, and Involvement-centered. Check out our LLC page for a full list of available communities.

General Continuing Housing allows you to select from any available space in Douthit Hills West or Calhoun Courts.

What are my Academic Year dining options and rates?

  • Unlimited Plans
    • Unlimited 300
    • Unlimited 200
    • Unlimited 100
  • Block Plans
    • Block 150 +200 Paw Points
    • Block 75 +300 Paw Points
    • Block 30 +300 Paw Points

When will I move in and out?

  • 2024 Move-In will occur August 14-17
  • Housing will close for Winter Break Dec 14
  • Housing will reopen January 5
  • 2024 Move-Out will occur May 3

Residents will not be required to move out for Winter Break, but will not have access to their space during this period. Apartment residents may submit a Winter Break late stay request if there are extenuating circumstances.

Student in DesChamps

Continuing Contract Open January 16 (at 8:30 AM ET) – January 31 (at 4:00 PM ET)

Create Academic-Year Roommate Group

  • Create your profile in the Clemson Home Portal
  • Create your roommate group prior to the deadline.
    • Select a roommate
    • Two is the maximum group size

What if I don’t know who I want my roommate to be?

Don’t worry! The Clemson Home Portal has a roommate matching option, so you will be able to create a profile, answer the lifestyle questions, and search for other students who may be a good fit as a roommate.

How Can I Search For a Roommate?

Whether you are trying to create a group with someone you already know or needing to use our roommate matching tools, you’ll simply need to visit the Roommate Groups section of the Clemson Home Portal and use one of the search options.

Search by details allows you to search by specific details such as name, keyword, state, Clemson username, and age.

Suggest roommates gives you a percent match based on your profile responses.

Search by Lifestyle Question allows you to filter profiles by specific responses to profile questions.

What if I want a random roommate?

All students will select their own space, so you will still want to form a roommate group prior to the deadline. The Roommate Matching process in the Portal will provide suggestions for potential roommates and you can connect directly from there.

Continuing Roommate Groups Open January 16 (at 8:30 AM ET) – January 31 (at 4:00 PM ET)

Select Your 2024-25 Academic Year Space

You will be emailed a specific timeslot during which you will select a space for you and your roommate(s) (if applicable).

  • February 2 – Priority numbers sent to Continuing students with Timeslots for those that will be eligible to select a space during the first round of room selection
  • February 6 – Room Selection for Continuing LLCs
  • February 7 – Continuing Room Selection
  • Fridays February 16-May 10 – Rolling room selection as spaces are available

How will I know when I can select my housing

Continuing Timeslots

You will receive an email with a timeslot when your priority number is within the number of spaces available. For example, if there are 100 four person apartments available in a selection time and you are in a group of 4 with a Priority Number between 1 and 100, you will receive a timeslot and be able to select a space. If your Priority Number is 101 or higher, you will not receive a timeslot until more spaces are available in another selection.

How does priority work?

Continuing Priority

You will be emailed a Priority Number. This number will be randomly assigned within each roommate group size. This means there will be separate priority lists for groups of 4, groups of 3, groups of 2, and singles. Since each group size will be limited to only spaces that will fit all members of the group (a group of 4 will only be able to select an apartment with 4 open spaces), groups of 4 will select first, then 3, then 2, and singles last. This allows apartments to be filled completely and provides the best chance for roommate groups to live together.

What if I do not receive a timeslot with my priority number?

Your priority number is your place in line. If you do not get a timeslot to select housing in the first round of selection, you will just need to continue waiting in line. We will be doing a rolling selection process as spaces become available on Fridays throughout the Spring semester.

We will issue Room Selection timeslots for Fridays based on the next priority number for space available for the group size and gender, if applicable. These timeslots will be emailed by Thursday at noon for students who will be able to select a space the next day. For example – there is a single space available in a 4-person apartment with three women, so we would issue the timeslot to the next priority number for a woman without roommates.

You will receive regular communications to let you know where we are in the priority numbers.  For example, a student with a priority number of 80 in a group of 4 will be notified that we are currently at number 77 for the weekly Room Selection.

We anticipate additional spaces becoming available around the following times:

  • February 8-10 due to Room Selection cancellations.
  • After April 1 due to school related cancellations for Fall semester.
  • After May 31 due to Bridge Student cancellations for Fall semester.
  • After July 26 when Fall semester bills open.

How do I cancel my contract?

  • If you have received a priority number but have not received a time slot you may cancel your contract at any time prior to Room Selection by emailing Clemson Home at
  • If you have selected a space, but it has not yet been 72 hours since you got your space, you may cancel your contract through the housing portal.
  • If it has been more than 72 hours since you got your space, the contract is legally binding. You would need to file an appeal to request a cancellation based on extenuating circumstances.