Summer Start

Summer Start offers students an engaging summer experience through the completion of two courses, community building, connection to staff, and campus resources. Students are offered this opportunity during the admissions process.

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All Summer Start students must sign up for Academic Year Housing and Summer Housing. These are two separate applications that you must complete.

Sign-Up Requirements

  • Acceptance to Clemson University
    • Each newly accepted student can locate their CUID number in their Admitted Student Portal.
      • You will need your CUID number to complete the sign up processes
      • You must create your username before you are able to log in to sign up for Housing & Dining
      • For assistance with your CUID, username and password, contact CCIT by phone at 864-656-3494
      • After identifying your CUID, username and password, log in to the University Housing & Dining portal using your Clemson University credentials
  • Record of Enrollment Deposit
    • Allow two to three business days for the record of payment to update in our system. If paying by check, you must allow additional time for the funds to be received and processed.
  • FAQs

Academic Year Housing

First-Year Contract

Feb. 1 (at 8:30 AM ET) – May 16 (Noon at 12:00 PM ET) Visit the Clemson Home Portal to sign up for Academic Year Housing and Dining.

  • Select a Term
    • If you plan to begin classes in Aug. 2022 – select Academic Year 2022-23
  • Payment
    • Pay the $150, non-refundable, housing contract fee
    • This one-time fee is only assessed when you initially sign up for on-campus housing
    • Pay by credit card; the University accepts any major credit card as a form of payment
  • Contract & Addendum
    • Carefully review and electronically sign the contract and addendum
    • The contract and addendum are legally binding upon acceptance of the terms and conditions
    • We highly recommend you retain a copy of the Clemson University Housing Contract and Addendum. While on this page, you will have the options to save and/or print
  • Select Your Dining Plan
    • Unlimited + 300
    • Unlimited + 200
    • Unlimited + 100
  • Consider Your Community Choices
    • Select a specific Living-Learning Community or First Year

*After May 16? Don’t worry! Housing is guaranteed for all first-year students. Late applicants will not participate in room select and will be assigned to a space.


May 18th

  • Time Slot notifications sent early evening to student’s Clemson University email account

Summer Housing

Summer Start Contract

March 1 (at 8:30 AM ET) – May 16 (Noon at 12:00 PM ET) Visit the Clemson Home Portal to sign up for Summer Housing and Dining. The location for Summer Start housing is Calhoun Courts or Mauldin Hall.

Summer Start students will participate in room selection on June 3 to select their summer assignment. Timeslots for selection will be sent June 1 and will be assigned based on application date to the University and roommate group size, with groups of two receiving priority.

No housing will be available between the end of Summer Session Housing and the start of fall housing, but a Fall 2022 Early Arrival Request will be available starting June 3 for students to request to move directly to their Fall housing assignment. Requests cannot be made until after receiving a Summer Start assignment. Approvals will be very limited based on availability.

Summer IIJune 29 – Aug. 7June 25Aug. 8
Clemson Summer Start Dates

Rental Rates

  • Rental rates will be calculated on a daily basis. Students will be charged the per diem rate listed below for the room type and number of days indicated by the Move In and Move Out date specified on the student’s contract.

Per Diem/Per Day

  • (2 person room): $28*
  • Apartment: $28*


  • Charges for Summer Session Housing will not appear on your university bill until the assignment is finalized and after the Summer bills open in April.

Post Office Box

  • Students who lived on campus during the prior Spring semester and/or will live on campus for the following Fall semester will have a PO box assigned.
  • If you need to rent a PO Box for the summer term, contact Student Mail Services at or by phone at 864-656-7720.

Summer Semester Dining

Meal Plans

  • Summer 20
    • Block 20 Meals
    • 100 Paw Points
    • Cost: $344
  • Summer 40
    • Block 40 Meals
    • 200 Paw Points
    • Cost: $650
  • Unlimited Summer Session I & II
    • No Paw Points
    • Cost: $1473
  • Unlimited Summer I
    • No Paw Points
    • Cost: $737
  • Unlimited Summer II
    • No Paw Points
    • Cost: $737

Summer Dining Hours

  • The Fresh Food Company located in McAlister Hall will be open for the Summer.
  • Hours of operation and additional locations will be posted at a later date.

Summer Start Move-In

Move-In Flow Traffic Pattern

  • Students and guests will enter the Bryan Mall parking lot from Cherry Rd. University staff will be present to direct you on where to park.
  • Guests may begin unloading items and bring them to the back (east) side of Lever Hall or to the front of Mauldin Hall.
  • Students will enter Lever Hall from the front (west) entrance and check-in with Housing staff at the front desk.
  • After checking-in and receiving access to their space, students and guests may begin moving their items in using the designated entry points. Parent/family/guest vehicles may park in E-1 after unloading in the Bryan Mall. Cars will need to be moved by Monday morning as this is an employee parking lot. Vehicles can park in metered spaces across campus as needed.
    • If students have not already purchased a summer parking pass, students will need to go to Parking and Transportation Services on Monday to purchase a pass.
  • Once all items have been brought into the building, students and guests must relocate their vehicle from the Bryan Mall lot and park their vehicle in the appropriate lot.
  • Students and guests can then return to their room to finish unpacking and organizing their space.

Move-In Flow

As you’re moving in, it’s imperative that you follow our move-in flow. Upon your arrival please enter the first floor of your assigned building and check in at the front desk. You will then be directed to use the back doors to bring in your items, which is closer access to stairs and the elevator. Remember: A lot of residents will be moving in, only pack what you will need for the 6 weeks.

Move-In Expectations 

  • Only take the elevator if necessary
  • Keep the hallways clear by putting all belongings in your assigned space and disposing of trash/recycling on the ground floor 
  • Follow the move-in flow of the building (refer to directional signage as needed) 
  • Wash/sanitize hands frequently 

Move-In Tips 

  • Bring your own dolly/wagon! We do not have any to provide. 
  • Bring a mallet/hammer to adjust your lofted bed to your preference.
  • Only bring what you will need for 6 weeks: the time flies by so don’t bring everything!
  • Drink plenty of water. 
  • Be ready to unload your stuff and quickly move your car so other residents can move in too!

If you experience any issues accessing online content, please let us know by contacting or 864-656-2295.