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Adjusting to a new living environment can be an exciting and overwhelming experience for students and as their family you want to make sure your student has the best possible opportunity to be successful. That’s why we provide the Clemson Home Family Focus monthly email. We’ll keep you up to date on important dates and deadlines while also providing tips and resources so you can help your student navigate their life on campus.


Each residential community offers limitless laundry at no cost. Laundry facilities are located within each residence hall, in the commons buildings for apartment communities, and in each apartment in Douthit West. Just don’t forget to add detergent, dryer sheets, a hamper, and any other laundry essentials to your packing list!

Even if your student is used to doing their own laundry, there can still be a bit of a learning curve. That’s why we make it easy. We provide video tutorials on using Clemson laundry machines and offer convenient laundry tools like Machine Status and Laundry Alerts. Machine Status allows students to check for available machines and Laundry Alerts will send a text when their clothes are done.


If any problems come up in your student’s living space, Clemson Home’s maintenance team will be ready to respond to their request. Students may submit requests online or call the maintenance line from 7:30am – midnight. If there is a maintenance emergency after hours, they will still be able to contact the RA on call. All this information can be found on the maintenance page of our website.

TV & Tech

You and your student may be wondering if and how they will be able to watch TV from their new Clemson Home. All on-campus residents will have access to Stream2, a TV streaming service that only requires an internet connection as well as a supported device. Your student may choose to bring a supported TV with them to campus but if not, Stream2 can also be accessed from your student’s laptop. You can learn more about Stream2, what channels they will have access to, as well as other important information about on-campus technology on our technology webpage.


As much as you prepare your student ahead of time, not always being there to help them will still be a difficult transition for both of you. Clemson Home’s staff is there to help your student with this transition in any way they can. Both the Resident Assistants (RAs) and the Community Staff will be great resources for your student and you should encourage them to get to know them and talk to them throughout their time living on-campus.

No matter which residence hall your student lives in, they will have at least one RA living on their floor. RA’s are undergraduate students at Clemson, just like your student and can act as a relatable, reliable, and trusted resource for them. Their job is to answer any questions and resolve any problems they can as well as help connect residents with helpful resources. If there is ever an issue late at night, there will always be an RA on call for each community that your student can contact at any time.

On top of the undergraduate RA’s, each residential community has a community staff that consists of graduate student assistants as well as a full-time staff community director. They will also be important contacts for your student and will be able to resolve any problems that go beyond the role of the RA. The Clemson Home team is dedicated to supporting your student and encouraging their growth and success. Make sure your student feels comfortable reaching out to a staff member if they are feeling overwhelmed.


One of the best ways for students and families to stay up-to-date and connected with campus life and the residential experience is to follow us on social media using the links above.

Clemson Home also offers a mobile guidebook that contains many of our resources, like Laundry Alerts, Maintenance Requests, Stream2 TV access, tutorials, maps, and more. Make sure your student has it downloaded prior to move-in!

One of the most important things a parent can do to support their child while they are in school is to be open to the experience. Help your child embrace the freedom and independence of living on their own and help them make the most of it. As your student navigates the unique challenges of living on campus for the first time, be sure to remember that they are capable and smart enough to succeed.

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