Passport to Clemson

Welcome to your Passport to Clemson!

Whether it’s moving into your new home, taking your class picture with your new best friends, discovering your passions at Tiger Prowl, going to your first football game, or all the little moments in between, we’re here to help you make the most of your first year at Clemson. Experience these core memories and more with Passport to Clemson!

How to get your passport

Your passport is designed to help make Clemson feel a little more like home while having a lot of fun along the way. You can get a physical passport booklet at Ready, Set, Roar! or you can fill out the form below!

Earning your stripes

Part 1 of your passport is a series of items to help introduce you to campus and life in Tigertown. For some activities, you’ll need to find a stamp on a sign at the location. Once you’ve collected all the letters, enter them into the Digital Passport in the order they appear in the booklet. Complete these tasks, reveal the secret word, Earn Your Stripes, and claim your prize!

Ever loyal endeavors

Part 2 is your Clemson bucket list. Keep this booklet and check the tasks off as you continue your time at Clemson and become Ever Loyal!

Digital Passport

Step 1 of 3 – Student Details



  • Your class photo
  • A dining hall event
  • Your first class
  • Your first community meeting
  • New Student Convocation
  • The Welcome Back Festival
  • President’s Picnic
  • Clemson Traditions event

Learn About

  • Your Ozzi token and collect it
  • The “Most Exciting 25 Seconds of College Football” and experience it
  • Tiger Tales and submit a story

Take a Picture With

  • Your roommate(s) in front of your residence hall
  • Your RCM
  • The biggest Tiger Paw you can find
  • Your move-in crew


  • A residence hall digital screen
  • Bowman Field
  • The Carillon Gardens
  • A Downtown coffee shop
  • A Downtown ice cream shop

Visit the Digital Signage At

  • Library Bridge
  • Brackett
  • Cooper Library 2nd Floor – CCIT
  • Hub – Bookstore
  • Hub – Dining
  • Hub – Fitness Center

Ever Loyal Endeavors

  • Attend Convocation
  • Sign the secret book
  • Attend Tigerama
  • Find all six metal airplanes
  • Go inside every campus building
  • Gather at the Paw after Tiger wins
  • Shake hands with our President
  • Take a reflection pond picture
  • Watch a sunset at the Dikes
  • Take a leisure skills class
  • Take a tour of the Carillon Bell tower
  • Take selfies with all campus statues
  • Study in the library
  • Rent a kayak from Andy’s
  • Go to Cocky’s funeral
  • Watch sunset at the rowing docks
  • Take a picture with the Tiger
  • Get on Clemson Instagram
  • Go to the First Friday Parade
  • Get a Paw-stamped $2 bill
  • Stroll through President’s Park
  • Visit the SC Botanical Gardens
  • Attend a performance at Brooks
  • Learn the Alma Mater
  • Read Thomas Green Clemson’s Plaque (AFTER GRADUATION!)
  • Start a cadence count
  • Attend the Clemson Home Cookout
  • Give blood during the Blood Bowl
  • Eat in every campus dining location
  • Donate during Give Day
  • Stay to watch the 4th quarter video
  • See the floats on Bowman Field
  • Sit on the hill for a football game
  • Visit the scroll of honor
  • Attend a concert in Clemson
  • Watch the band practice
  • Cross the Lightsey Bridge