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Room Change

Room Change Processes

We believe that an integral part of Living in Community is being able to meaningfully interact and form positive relationships with others. This includes forming a relationship through the shared living environment with roommate(s) in your room or apartment. Creating expectations for a shared living space, communicating with one another, and navigating conflict are all part of the value of an on-campus living experience.

Roommate Agreements

  • All roommate(s) are required to complete a Roommate, or Suitemate, Agreement to establish expectations for your shared living space. Roommates are obligated to follow the University’s Code of Conduct and Housing Contract’s Rules & Regulations. Additionally, residents may wish to share with one another reasonable expectations for cleanliness of the space, social vs. study times, how they will communicate with one another, etc.
  • Should conflict arise amongst roommate(s), our first effort is to provide assistance in navigating conflict and re-establishing appropriate shared expectations for the residents’ living space. Please contact a Residential Living staff member for assistance.

Room Changes

  • Room changes are permitted in the Fall Semester and in the Spring Semester, according to designated time frames. A resident should speak to a Residential Living staff member to begin conversations about this process. A resident should consider the cost of a designated space when requesting to move to a higher or lower cost community.
  • Room changes for the Fall 2019 Semester begin on Sept. 2 and end on Nov. 4.
  • Room changes for the Spring 2020 Semester begin on Jan. 16 and end on March 16.
  • No room changes can occur at the beginning of a semester. University Housing must verify occupancy in all assigned spaces before starting room changes. This process is not completed until after the final date to register for classes. Room changes will not be processed after the last date for Housing refunds. This may impact a student’s bill and ability to register for classes during the subsequent semester. Additionally, we believe that the time period close to many final assignments and exams is not the best time for a resident to focus on establishing a new roommate relationship.

Fraternity Sorority Housing

  • New members of fraternities and sororities may not move to assigned chapter housing until they have completed one semester in University Housing. Interested chapter members should contact the designated House Manager for their organization to request a move to chapter space.