How Can I Decorate Without Command Strips*?

While we know that Command Strips have become a staple for college housing, we have started to see damage in some of our res halls after constant long-term use of the strips on drywall. To make sure our living spaces continue to be well-maintained and attractive for all current and future residents, we do ask that you consider using alternatives if possible. We love when our residents personalize their spaces and show off their personalities, so check out this list of decorating options that have worked well for other students.

High and Mighty Hooks* (for drywall only)
White sticky tack for posters and pictures
Tension rods for curtains and storage needs
Over the door hooks for doors, beds, etc.
Magnetic hooks for metal surfaces, including lofted bed
Freestanding shelving (wire shelving can be versatile, portable, and may have hooks)
Freestanding towel or drying rack
Suction cup hooks for smooth surfaces
Clamp hooks and shelves
Push pins for lightweight items
Monkey hooks* for heavier items
Push pin hooks
We encourage you to get creative with your room and figure out ways to make it your own. There are plenty of options and you can always look online for more ideas!

Note: Some communities have cinder block walls and will not be able to use many of our alternatives. For these communities, damage will be minimal and Command Strips may be your best option. These communities include the Shoeboxes (Benet, Cope, Geer, Sanders, Young), Bryan Mall (Barnett, Byrnes, Lever, Manning, Mauldin, Smith) and Thornhill Village.

*Clemson Home is not endorsing any specific products. Brand names are used only as common identifiers for general product types such as adhesive strips, drywall hooks, etc.

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