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East Neighborhood-First-Year Community

Located across the street from the President’s home, this brand new residential community is divided into three sections. The east neighborhood is home to first year residents, the west neighborhood is home to sophomore and upperclass residents, and the Hub houses a variety of dining and shopping venues as well as workout facilities. This east section of the property consists of three residence halls. With the exception of a few private rooms, each room in the East Neighborhood houses two students per room. Semi-private bathrooms, also know as wet core bathrooms, are located at multiple points on each floor.

Life in Community

  • Building Floor Plans

  • Private Rooms
    • The layout of a private room is similar to the layout of a two person room (see layout below), except the furniture and the size of the space can only accommodate one resident.
  • Two Person Rooms
  • Furniture (Douthit East Measurements) *
    • Bedrooms – typical single 9’x14′; typical double 11’x19′ (varies)
    • Living room – n/a
    • Bed – mattress 36”x80”
      • All of the mattresses in this residential community are extra-long twin beds and require extra-long twin sheets.
    • Desk – 30”W x 24”D x 30”H
    • Chest of drawers – 30”W x 24”D x 30”H
    • Closet – typical 30” x 58” (varies)
    • Bedroom window – varies too much to provide typical
    • Living room window – n/a
    • *exact measurements of a room or furniture may vary*
  • Bathrooms

Neighborhood Amenities

The Hub

2018-2019 Living-Learning Communities