What is a Living-Learning Community (LLC)?

Living-Learning Communities are a group of students living together in designated space on campus based on common interest, shared major or connected coursework. LLCs have dedicated resources and engaged partners that support the needs of each specific community.

What are the benefits?

LLCs provide a home within a home for our residents. You already have something in common with the people living around you. Studies show that members of LLCs have a higher GPA than other on-campus residents. Additionally, participants in LLCs report a smoother academic transition to college, higher sense of belonging to the institution, and higher levels of engagement.

Each community has faculty and/or staff that are experts in the subject of the community. LLC participants get the opportunity to engage with these LLC partners, which can really help when you need a letter of recommendation or help navigating college.

Being a member of an LLC means that your academic life can be easier, your social life can be enhanced, and your future can be improved.

What are the requirements?

Some LLCs require students to register for specific classes, class sections, or outside of the classroom activities; check the details for each community at link

How do I select one?

We encourage you to read about the exciting opportunities each of our LLCs offer. There are some communities that are restricted to specific programs or majors, so be sure to check the requirements. When you are filling out your housing application, you will be able to select an LLC on the Community Choice Page. With about 20 different communities offered, we believe that there is an LLC for every Tiger!

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