How can I get telephone service in my room or apartment?

University Housing does not provide this type of service. If you would like telephone service in your room or apartment, you may contact the Telecommunications Office by submitting a help ticket to the following address, The service comes with a monthly expense of $35.50.

Remember to bring your own telephone. Telecommunications will service your telephone line but not your telephone.  If your community is set up for the VOIP system, telecommunications will provide you with a phone set for $338.39 for the 8845 camera phone or $254.58 for the 8841 phone (no camera included with this model). Or, if we are referring to areas where VOIP cannot yet be supported hence the need of Centrex service which requires a traditional phone. 

For more information, you may email/call the Telecommunications Office before submitting your official request.

Telecommunications contact information is as follows:

Nikki Parker at 864-656-4025 or Bridget Lewis at 864-656-7511.

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