Do Resident Staff receive payment or other benefits?

Residential Staff are paid on a stipend basis with stipend amount of $4,020.00 for the academic year 2019-20. A meal plan, valued at $2,100, is provided as a means to allow Residential Staff to engage in the community that is created in dining halls and retail venues on-campus. Residential Staff are provided with a private room. In the event of higher than expected occupancy, an Residential Staff may be assigned a temporary roommate. Resident Assistant rooms will be billed at the designated Residential Staff rate. (The Residential Staff rate for the 2019-20 is $2,765 and this will be subject to annual rate increases.)

Note: The value of the housing rate and meal plan is applied as a resource to a student’s financial aid account. Please consult with a financial aid counselor if you have questions about the impact to available aid. Resident Assistants also receive a discount at the University Bookstore.

If you have questions about your eligibility, or need more information about the Residential Staff position, please contact

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