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Air Force ROTC

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The Air Force ROTC LLC provides a means for successfully easing first-year students into the Air Force ROTC program, supporting them as they transition to college life and providing a vital social and professional support network. College life and the ROTC can be a potentially unnerving experience, but the LLC assists with dispelling myths, connecting students to a variety of resources, benefits and beginning the all-important process of establishing esprit de corps and camaraderie. Community members help prepare and motivate one another to achieve greater physical fitness levels, campus involvement and skills to enable academic success. The community produces a critical network of peers who will assist each other throughout their Clemson University and Air Force Careers.

What To Expect

  • Mentoring from supportive upper class cadets
  • Air Force ROTC sponsored guest speaking events where war veterans, generals and pilots often share their experiences and advice
  • Participation in weekly labs where cadets hone their physical fitness, stamina, leadership and coordination skills

Did You Know?

Throughout the academic year Air Force ROTC cadets often participate in:

  • Outdoor adventure trips and outings to Clemson’s high ropes courses
  • Parents’ Day events
  • Joint Military Appreciation Day at Frank Howard Stadium
  • Memorial Program for POWs and MIAs

Student Perspective
“We all have the end goal of wanting to become Officers within the Air Force, and we all bonded really quick because we all wanted to help each other succeed and achieve our goals. I’ve made several deep connections through the Living-Learning Community and I’ve made several lifelong friends.”
– Yousuke Matsui

Quick Facts
Size: Approximately 30 students
Location: McCabe Hall
Roommate Policy: Roommate does not need to participate in the program but does need to request the LLC when signing up for Housing & Dining.
Restrictions: Any year, any major, must be in the ROTC program
Application: None required
Fee: None required
Contact Information

Captain Joseph Blanton 06

Recruiting Officer