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The Office of New Student and Family Programs establishes transitional programs and supportive services that cultivate student and family engagement in the Clemson Community. CONNECTIONS is an initiative to assist first-year students of color with their transition to Clemson University. In CONNECTIONS, we believe that students of color at Clemson University are scholars who will achieve positive change in themselves, the Clemson Community and the world. Participants in CONNECTIONS will engage in experiences related to personal development, academic engagement, culture and diversity, involvement and support networks. We will also provide a diverse group of Sophomore and Upperclass student leaders in terms of majors, social identities and experiences to serve as peer mentors for our participants. These mentors are equipped to support our students in navigating their first year transition and maximizing their unique Clemson experience.

Program Note: Students interested in participating in the CONNECTIONS program and living in RiSE may contact DeOnte Brown, Assoc. Director for New Student and Family Programs at

What To Expect

  • Peer Mentoring
  • Social Events
  • Networking with University Faculty and Staff
  • Weekly Shared Learning Experience (Self and Career Development)

Did You Know?

  • CONNECTIONS Mentees (12) and Mentors (3) for 2014-2015 represented 25% of participants in the 2015 Clemson University Leadershape Institute.
  • The 2014-2015 CONNECTIONS group consisted of participants from South Carolina as well as Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York North Carolina and Virginia!
  • CONNECTIONS participants become leaders in the Clemson Community through participation in Clemson Undergraduate Student Government, Council on Diversity Affairs, Minority Recruitment Team, Orientation Ambassador, Resident Assistants, Clemson University Tour Guides or create their own recognized student organization.
  • CONNECTIONS students often engage in alternative spring breaks. In partnership with the Gantt Multicultural Center, students have explored poverty and class issues in Winter Park, FL as well as service, leadership and career development in Cleveland, OH.

Student Perspective

When I was a freshmen, I didn’t know what it meant to be a member of a family outside of my own home. I didn’t know people and I didn’t know what to expect on a college campus. And then I went to my first CONNECTIONS welcome meeting. It is difficult to describe the significance of the CONNECTIONS program on my experience and career as a Clemson student. I found a place that I could be myself, I found a place where I was embraced and had fun and had the desire to stay. I cannot imagine my life without being in CONNECTIONS, which is why I made the choice to be a mentee my freshmen year and a mentor for the rest of my undergrad experience. I chose to be in CONNECTIONS by choice and I have chosen to remain because the program has given me wonders and I shall never forget that.

    • Jessica Houston, class of 2016

Quick Facts

Size: 70 Students
Location: Holmes Hall
Roommate Policy: May only request other program participants
Restrictions: All Majors Welcome, Coed
Application: When you sign up for Housing & Dining, you will need to select CONNECTIONS from the dropdown list on the Community Choice page. Also, you will need to click here to complete the program application.
Fee: None Required

Contact Information:

DeOnte Brown
Associate director, New Student and Family Programs
902 Edgar Brown University Union

Bianca Lambert
Graduate assistant, New Student and Family Programs
902 Edgar Brown University Union