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Continuing Student Wait Lists FAQ

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When will I be assigned?

You will be assigned from the Wait Lists you selected as room spaces become available.  Most spaces come available due to school-related cancellations which usually occur during the spring semester.  Please be patient as we work to get you a desired assignment.

Where will I receive information about being assigned?

The Assignments Coordinator will send you an offer for a space via email when a space becomes available.

What about my roommates?

Roommate groups may not be honored as a part of your Wait List membership. We encourage you and your roommate(s) to join a Wait List. When you get an assignment, you and your roommates may complete a 2019-20 Room Change Form if you are not assigned together.

Is being on a Wait List a guarantee I’ll get on-campus housing?

No. Since Wait List movement is based on cancellations, Clemson Home cannot guarantee that a specific building or room type will become available.

Can you tell me my Wait List number?

You can log in to the Housing Portal to view your location on each Wait List.  Each Wait List ranking is based on gender, building, and room type.