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Teaching Fellows Living-Learning Community

Inclusive Culture

Clemson University’s College of Education requires incoming freshmen in the Teaching Fellows program to live in the Teaching Fellows Living-Learning Community. This residential community is designed to help students connect with others who have similar interests, provide additional support structures while completing Teaching Fellows requirements, allow students to build relationships outside of the academic environment, and provide a student-centered living and learning environment unique to students studying to be teachers.

What to Expect

The Teaching Fellows Program will include formalized activities and programming that extend beyond what is traditionally offered to teacher preparation students in the College of Education’s traditional programs. Required monthly meetings will be held throughout the school year and will cover topics such as advocacy, effective teaching practices, diversity, and leadership. Some activities associated with the TF program include:

  • Seminars
  • Professional Development
  • Field Trips and Conferences
  • Field Experiences and Service Learning
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Advocacy Projects
  • Social and Community Service Events

Seminars will serve to expose TF to trends and issues in public education, the qualities associated with effective leadership, instructional best practices and effective teaching, and education advocacy. Topics will include:

  • How to advocate for students, teachers, schools, and communities
  • Effective instructional practices for specific grade bands and content areas
  • Innovation in education
  • Covey’s 7 Habits
  • Topics on diversity and culturally responsive education
  • Teaching as a profession
  • The context of education and teaching in South Carolina

Quick Facts

Size: 25 students

Location: Holmes Hall

Roommate Policy: Roommate should be another Teaching Fellows participant; if not possible, roommate should be an Education major

Restrictions: Students in majors within the College of Education

Application: Must apply for the Teaching Fellows Program

Fee: None

Contact Information

Staci Koonce

Campus Director, Clemson Teaching Fellows & Academic Advisor

105 Tillman Hall