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Winter Sustainability Tips

Cold Weather Demands More Energy

Nearly 40% of all energy in the US is produced for the use of building systems. Record breaking cold weather puts a high demand on the mechanical systems which keep us warm indoors. No matter how we try to conserve on energy, extreme weather (hot or cold) has more to do with the size of our carbon footprint than any other uncontrollable factor. Mild days with temperatures in the 60s cause less demand for energy and therefore equate to less air and water pollution and lower energy bills. To reduce energy demand, put your thermostat on 68 degrees or less and wear a sweater or jacket while inside to stay more comfortable. One of the most important things that we can do to protect the environment is to conserve enough energy to keep from having to build power plants. Coal fired power plants are the worst contributors to the problem of green house gas emissions. In the US alone, 1.4 million tons of coal are burned each year.