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Sustainability at Clemson

Sustainability is not something future generations need to worry about; it’s a real issue that Clemson students, faculty and staff face every day.

President Barker continues to make sustainability a priority on campus through several measures. He created the President’s Commission on Sustainability, and has charged Clemson with becoming a net-zero campus by 2030.

To reach this goal, each student has to step up and do their part, from conservation and recycling to cleaning up campus and supporting Clemson’s green initiatives. If each student contributes, Clemson will not only reach President Barker’s goal, but will also reach global visibility and become a sustainability leader in the upstate, the south, and the world.

For more information about Sustainability, try out Clemson’s new sustainability portal.

Numerous organizations focus on sustainability issues at Clemson and in the community, including the Eco-reps, Solid Green, Students for Environmental Action, and the Student Organic Farm. Visit the linked pages to learn more about what these influential groups are doing to leave their mark on Clemson and how you can get involved!