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Instructions and Steps How to Apply

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The on-campus contract and waitlists are now closed. We will not be opening a late application.

For off-campus options, we do encourage you to go to

You do not need to be concerned about being able to find housing. There are plenty of options in and around Clemson and you do have time to explore them.

What’s Next for the 2020-21 Academic Year?

Housing & Dining Sign-Up process for 2020-21 begins Oct. 1.

Log in to the Housing & Dining portal beginning Oct. 1, 8:30 a.m. through Oct. 17, 4 p.m. ET

Step 1:

Continuing Guide Fraternity and Sorority Guide Athlete Guide

  • Review and sign your contract for 2020-21 (the contract is legally binding once you select your space)
  • Select your meal plan
    • Check out Housing & Dining’s website for meal plan options and more dining details prior to starting sign up
    • 2020-21 Meal Plan Rates have not been established – for planning purposes, increases will not exceed 4%
  • Search for and select roommate(s), create a group – instructional video coming soon!

Step 2:

  • Receive your time slots via email Oct. 18
    • Priority is based solely on roommate group size in this order:
      • Groups of 4
      • Groups of 3
      • Groups of 2
      • Individuals not part of a group
    • Within these groups, time-slots will be randomly assigned. Each group member will receive a time-slot, but only one roommate will need to select for the entire group (this is usually the person who has the earliest time-slot).
  • Consider your housing options – do your homework!
    • Check out Housing & Dining’s website for living options prior to room selection beginning Oct. 22
    • Talk with your community staff about your options
    • Consider your first, second, and third choices in case your first choice isn’t available
    • 2020-21 Housing Rates have been proposed; pending Board of Trustees approval

Step 3:

  • Select your space
    • Continuing student Living-Learning Communities select Oct. 21
    • All other Continuing students select Oct. 22 – 24
    • Selection begins at 5 p.m. ET
  • Make sure you are satisfied with your selection
    • Cancellations are only available for 72 hours once you select your space

Wait List for Continuing Students

Our Housing team will be available in the evenings during room selection to guide you through the process!

For more information, check out our Sign-Up Info Sheet!