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Mailing Address and Package Supply

Post Office Boxes

While away from home, students enjoy receiving mail and packages from family and friends. All students residing on campus are assigned a post office box by the student post office.  Post office box assignments will be sent to the students via their Clemson University email account around the first week of September for the upcoming academic year. The cost of the post office box is included in the housing academic year rental rate.

Students who reside on campus and attend summer school (first summer session) may have their prior academic year post office box assignment extended and may be required to pay a prorated amount. Students must visit the student post office to have the same post office box assignment extended, otherwise the assignment is terminated at the end of the spring semester of academic year.

Visit Student Mail Services for more information related to post office box assignments, tracking packages, and many more services provided by the student post office.


Package Lockers

There are six package locker locations across campus to make picking up packages easy. When an item is delivered to a package locker you will receive an email. The top of the email will state which of the six locker banks your package is located, depending on where your residence hall is.

When swiping your TigerOne card to retrieve a package, if it says that you have no package for pick up, please try the other options in the email; i.e. there is a PIN Number that can be entered by touching the screen and bringing up the On-Screen Keyboard. You can also tap the screen and then scan the QR Code in the email to retrieve your packages.

Check on the screen for which locker has your package in it. For safety reasons the lockers do not fully open, so you will need to pay attention to which locker the Kiosk is telling you to retrieve your package from.

What if I’m in Isolation or Quarantine?

If you are in Isolation or Quarantine, you may forward the email you received for Locker Self Service Pick up to another student or an RA that may be able to pick it up in your absence. You will receive a separate email for each package that is checked in. Each email will have a unique PIN number and QR code.

How Long Do I have to Pick Up My Package?

Packages that are not picked up at the lockers within 48 hours (not including weekends and holidays) will be brought back to Student Mail Services to be rechecked in. Packages are held for 21 days and then returned to the sender. You may pick up the package after you are cleared from Quarantine or you may email from your email account with the name of an individual that is authorized to pick up the package(s) for you. Emails coming from your Clemson Email Account will verify your identity and approve your authorization.

What If I Need Help Finding a Package Locker Bank

If you need help locating a locker bank, you can find them on the map in the my.Clemson App. Open your MyClemson App. Click on Map. To the right of the screen you will see an arrow pointing left. When you click on this arrow, it will bring up a drop-down menu. On this menu is an option for Package Lockers. Click on this option and select the locker bank you are looking for. At the bottom of the screen it will have an option to get directions to the selected locker bank.