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Pack and Ship/Store

Pack and Ship/Store


Clemson Home has identified 3 companies willing to offer pack and ship/store services to Clemson students. These three options are listed below.



Campus Storage


Please direct all questions about your pack and ship/store options directly to the companies.


Pack and Ship/Store Options

 HilldrupTSICampus Storage
Ship vs StoreStudents can indicate if/what items they want shipped home and which to store through the concierge chatAn organizer will review the room via video chat with the student to determine what is to be shipped and what is to be storedItems for shipping and storage will be separated. Items for shipping will be shipped out via FEDEX within a few days of pickup to student’s home address if applicable.
Online BookingYesYesYes
InventoryInventory app and concierge chat to select items to pack and which to shipVideo Concierge™ service so the packer can consult directly with the student to avoid errors and provide video recording of the interview and packing process.Facetime/video chat w/student while packing
Pricing$545 per student includes:

• Professional packing

• Four 4.5 cu. ft. boxes

• Up to three bulky items

• On‐Campus pick‐up

• Free Climate Controlled Storage through • September 30, 2020

• Delivery to new on or off‐campus address
• Base - $220

• $25 per oversized item

• $5 storage for boxes

• $10 storage for unboxed items

• $50 redelivery fee

• $6 per $100 of declared value insurance

• Shipping $59 per box
• Base price - $150

• Storage - $60 mo minimum

• $50 handling fee per student for shipping

• Per box/item fee

• Redelivery free

• Shipping variable
Please note that the companies on this list have indicated that they are willing to provide moving and/or storage services. Students are responsible for performing due diligence during the selection of a company as selection and contracting is at the risk of the consumer. The University does not have a contractual relationship or receive a benefit from these companies.

Pack and Ship FAQs

Do I have to use one of these companies?

No. You can use any company or individual you would like. These three companies are simple options that we have identified who are able to offer the services students have expressed interest in utilizing. If you would like to come to retrieve your belongings in person or would like to designate someone else to retrieve them, please visit our main Move-Out page.

How do I sign up to use one of these options?

Each of these companies offer online booking. Please visit their websites listed above to sign up for their services directly. We will work with them to provide access to designated spaces once the Pack and Ship/Store phase of move-out is able to begin.

Is Clemson Home benefitting from these services?

No. Many students expressed interest in having their belongings packed for them and shipped or stored, so we have worked to identify potential options that meet the needs of many of our residents. The University does not have a contractual relationship with these companies.

How can I return my key and finish checking out?

You can mail (through USPS) a note with your name, room assignment, and key to us at:
100 Mell Hall
Box 344075
Clemson, South Carolina 29634

What do I need to do about my MicroFridge?

Clemson Home will arrange to have your MicroFridge picked up after you have moved out.

Should I sign up for the moving company to get my stuff at the previous sign up date/time that Clemson home gave me?

No, you need to sign up for the dates they provide you. Individuals that do not need to access their room and are only using pack and ship do not need an appointment.

I submitted the form in the housing portal about pack/ship and I can no longer see my move out time/date, is this intentional?

Yes, once a student indicates they are using pack and store/ship their appointment is removed if they do not also plan to come in person.

Do I have to do anything to give them access to my room?

No we will coordinate with them to access your spaces.

If pack/ship is going to be moving stuff out at a different date, what date/time should I put into their system?

You select a date in the options they provide you. These are dates we have designated them to enter all pack and store/ship rooms for efficiency purposes.