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Visitation Policies

All residents are responsible for helping to maintain the safety and security of residential communities by ensuring that guest policies are followed. A guest is defined as any individual that is not assigned to the specific residential community where they are present. Based on this definition, you may be a resident in your own residential community and a guest in another community where you are visiting friends or studying with classmates. Individuals not affiliated with Clemson are also guests. Residents are responsible for their guests and should escort guests into and out of the community, as well as remain with them the entire time that they are visiting.

Roommates should discuss the presence of guests in their room or apartment. The roommate’s expectation of privacy, sleep and study take precedence over the privilege of a resident to have a guest. Roommates and suitemates are encouraged to discuss how they will communicate with guests and discuss when guests are and are not allowed in the roommate or suitemate agreement. However, you should also plan to talk to your roommate each time.

For more information about guest and visitation policies, please review the Housing Contract.