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Instructions and Steps on How to Apply

New Student Housing & Dining Sign-Up Process

Sign-Up Requirements

  • Acceptance to Clemson University
    • Each newly accepted student will receive a Tigertown Bound envelope containing a formal acceptance letter which includes your CUID number
      • You will need your CUID number to complete the sign up processes
      • You must create your username before you are able to log in to sign up for Housing & Dining
      • For assistance with your CUID, username and password, contact CCIT by phone at 864-656-3494
      • After identifying your CUID, username and password, log in to the University Housing & Dining portal using your Clemson University credentials
  • Record of Admission’s Deposit
    • Allow one to two business days for the record of payment to update in our system
  • FAQs

Housing & Dining Portal Step-by-Step Guide

Beginning Feb. 3, visit the Housing & Dining portal to sign up for Academic Year 2020-21.

Select a Term

  • If you plan to begin classes in Aug. 2020 – select Academic Year 2020-21

Contract & Addendum

  • Carefully review and electronically sign the contract and addendum
  • The contract and addendum are legally binding upon acceptance of the terms and conditions
  • We highly recommend you retain a copy of the Clemson University Housing Contract and Addendum. While on this page, you will have the options to save and/or print

Payment Page

  • Pay the $150, non-refundable, housing contract fee
  • This one-time fee is only assessed when you initially sign up for on-campus housing
  • Pay by credit card; the University accepts any major credit card as a form of payment

Sign-Up Timeline

  • Feb. 3
    • Contract opens at 8:30 a.m. (ET)
  • Feb. 3 – May 27
    • Pay Your Housing Contract Fee
      • $150, one-time, non-refundable
    • Sign Your Contract and Addendum
    • Select Your Dining Plan
      • Unlimited + 300
      • Unlimited + 200
      • Unlimited + 100
    • Consider Your Community Choices
      • Select a specific Living-Learning Community or First Year
    • Answer the Lifestyle Questionnaire
    • Create Your Roommate Group
      • Select one, two or three roommates
      • Four is the maximum group size
  • May 27
      • Contract closes at NOON (ET)

  • May 28
      • Time Slot notifications sent early evening to student’s Clemson University email account
  • May 29 & June 1
      • Room Selection for Living-Learning Communities
      • Beginning at 8:30 a.m. (ET)

  • June 3-5
    • Room Selection for students who selected “First Year” on the Community Choice page
    • Select a space for you and your roommate(s) (if applicable)
    • Beginning at 8:30 a.m. (ET)
  • After May 15? Don’t worry! Housing is guaranteed for all first-year students
    • Late applicants are not eligible for priority housing

New Student Housing Options & Floor Plans