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*Note: No exceptions can be made at this time. Any questions regarding move-out should be submitted through email to be routed to the appropriate staff.


In-Person Move-Out Guidelines

Clemson Home has designed a physically distant move-out process to reduce risk as our residents return to campus. We are all tigers together, but we ask that you remain apart during the move-out process. Please read thoroughly to ensure that you are prepared to follow the guidelines that we have designed to help protect you and your fellow tigers.

Health Self-Screening

Individuals should check their temperature and self-assess whether or not they have been exhibiting any of the following symptoms: cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever, chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, body aches, loss of taste or smell, GI symptoms, other concerning symptoms. If an individual has observed any of these symptoms, and/or has a self-checked temperature of 100.4 or higher, we recommend that the individual experiencing these symptoms contact their health care provider for advice.

Residents who are aware that they may pose a risk to the campus community should not return. We will work with you to find appropriate alternative arrangements to remove your belongings. Please contact us at (please share your name, CUID, and assignment in the email) so that we can work with you individually.


We encourage you to reference the CDC’s website about travel before choosing to come in-person to get your things.

In order to maintain safe distancing levels and ensure each student gets their full allotted time, early entry and overnight stay are prohibited during the move-out process. Residents should make arrangements that allow them to arrive no earlier than the beginning of their scheduled appointment and depart no later than the end of the 4-hour period.

The Martin Inn, Clemson University’s on campus hotel would like to offer a special family rate of $109 per night to those returning.  This rate is available only to you, our Clemson Family, through July 31st, 2020.  Please call 888 654 9020 or visit us at to book your upcoming accommodations.

Guidelines for a Physically Distant Move-Out

Residents may only come to campus during their assigned 4-hour move-out appointment. Please do not arrive to campus on a different date and/or time. No overnight stay is permitted. We ask that you keep this in mind when making your travel plans.

We kindly ask you to help us limit the number of individuals inside buildings. Therefore, residents may bring only one other person to help them move. (Or, a resident who is not coming in person may designate two individuals to move on their behalf). Please do not bring multiple individuals and “swap out” who is coming into the building with you to pack vs. carry heavy items, etc. This increases the total number of individuals in the building on any given day and will not be permitted.

The CDC recommends that people wear a cloth face covering to cover their nose and mouth in the community setting. This is to protect people around you if you are infected but do not have symptoms. We ask everyone involved in move-out process to bring and wear a cloth face covering, and to remain 6 feet away from others in buildings and parking lots.

When you arrive at your community, please follow directions provided by on-site staff and posted signage. We have identified how you need to enter the building, where you need to stand when waiting to get on the elevator, etc. Only one family may use elevator(s) at a time.

We encourage you to wash your hands frequently and will also provide hand sanitizer stations at the building entry. Clemson Home staff will wipe down the most high-touch surfaces (e.g., elevator buttons, entry door handles) between morning and afternoon move-out appointments. All common spaces of a building will be thoroughly cleaned between move-out days.

Please stay home if you are sick. We want to offer other options rather than have you come to campus. Contact so that we can help you navigate an alternate plan.


All vehicles should have a loading pass prominently displayed in the driver’s dash with a NAME & PHONE NUMBER legibly printed.

Residents will be able to park in areas adjacent to their community for loading. Please park vehicles every other space when parking in lined spaces. Vehicles that are parked where there are not lined spaces should be aware of the placement of vehicles. Please do not park near another vehicle that is not a part of your pair. Please be sure to check your community’s parking instructions prior to your move-out.

Move-Out Appointments

Move-out appointments have been pre-assigned and are available. Please log in to the Housing Portal, then select Spring 2020 Move Out in the purple navigation bar.

Appointments are scheduled in 4-hour blocks, beginning at either 8 am (move must be completed by 12 pm) or at 2 pm (move must be completed by 6 pm). In order to ensure that we meet our physical distancing requirements, you will only be permitted to access your room or apartment during your designated move-out appointment.

Appointments were assigned to those with the closest travel distances first, and then to residents coming from further distances. We understand that every resident may not be able or may not wish to return at their assigned time. If you are unable to confirm your move-out appointment, you may also choose to:

  • Designate someone else to move out on your behalf during your assigned appointment
  • Utilize a pack and store/ship company 
  • Enter additional comments through the portal that allow us to understand your needs

Plan your return to campus

Identify one person that can come with you if you need help moving out. (Or, you may choose 2 people to serve as your designee. Or, you may contact a pack and ship/store company.)

If someone is coming in-person, they should refer to the Health Self-Screening section to determine if they are exhibiting any symptoms and/or have been in contact with a positive or suspected positive COVID-19 person in the last 14 days before arrival. Do not come to campus if you are experiencing any symptoms, have a fever over 100.4, or have been in contact with a positive or suspected positive person.

Pack your cloth face mask. Everyone arriving to campus will be expected to wear a cloth face mask from the parking lot to the building, and all times while you are in on-campus facilities.

*If there is a reason that you cannot wear a mask, such as a medical condition that makes it difficult to breathe while wearing a mask, you may want to consider contacting us so that we can talk with you about your return to campus. We want to ensure that we are doing as much as possible to reduce your risk and the risk of others as residents return for move-out.

Print a loading pass and place it in the driver’s dash. The phone number of the driver should be prominently displayed so that we can call if we need to reach you.

Bring your key and your TigerOne card, or mobile ID, to access your room or apartment. (Note: Residents with card readers may need to tap your card once, wait 1 minute, and then tap your card again to “wake up” the reader at your door.) If you have lost your key, you may go to the designated check-out station for your community to pick up a temporary key to use during check-out.

Moving Out Step-By-Step

We have made our move-out process simple. Please follow these 4 steps for a successful move-out.

Step 1: Park in the designated location for your loading area. Vehicles should be parked every other space when parking in lined spaces. Vehicles that are parked where there are not lined spaces should be aware of the placement of vehicles and allow space for moving vehicles to pass. Before stepping out of your car, please put on your cloth face mask and make sure that your loading pass with a prominently displayed phone number is visible in your front dash.

Step 2: All residents and guests must follow the expectations of a physically distant move-out process.  Please follow instructions on all posted signage and those provided by our on-site staff. Remain 6 feet from others who are not in your pair; only one group may use an elevator at a time.

Step 3: Each resident has a 4-hour appointment time. We will not allow afternoon appointments to begin until all morning appointments have departed, so please be considerate of others. We ask that you remove all belongings quickly. Take trash, recycling, and any donated items to designated areas.

  • Beds do not need to be delofted; please leave your bed as you had it.
  • MicroFridges should remain plugged in; units will be defrosted after residents move out.

Double check to make sure you have everything that belongs to you and that you have properly removed trash and recycling. Anything left behind will be disposed of or donated.

Step 4: When you are ready to leave, take your key to the designated check-out station for the community to check out.

Designated check-out station

When you are ready to leave, take your key to the designated check-out station listed below for your community to check out

  • Benet, Cope, Geer or Sanders: Table behind Benet near Sirrine parking lot
  • Young Hall: Front Desk
  • Mickel: Mickel Hall community desk
  • Holmes: Holmes Hall community desk
  • McCabe: McCabe first floor lobby
  • Gressette: entrance near Fresh Food on benches
  • DesChamps: 1st floor elevator lobby
  • Cribb: Honors Center, beside Honors office
  • Quad: Fraternity Sorority Housing Office, Norris Hall
  • Byrnes: Byrnes Hall community desk
  • Lever: Lever Hall community desk
  • Manning, Mauldin, Barnett, Smith: Manning Hall community desk
  • Calhoun Courts & Thornhill: Calhoun Commons desk
  • Lightsey Bridge: Table in front of Lightsey Bridge Commons
  • Douthit East: Building E community desk
  • Douthit West: Building B community desk

Do some good for others

Do you have something that you’d rather leave behind? We are coordinating with the Dream Center to collect items that are in good condition. Check for blue bins near community desks to deposit non-perishable food (please check expiration dates!), school, or office supplies. Furniture and other large household items can be placed directly onto donation trucks near parking areas.

Other things you may need to do while on campus

Return Library Books: Please return all items to the East-side book drops located near the E-15 parking lot. Items will be backdated, and any fines for the COVID-19 period will be removed.

Mail and Packages: The Post Office will be open daily 8 a.m.—5 p.m., but residents are encouraged to pick up packages between move-out appointments from 12 p.m.—2 p.m. Mailbox keys can be returned at the Post Office, or can be returned with the student’s room key at the community key return station in an envelope that must be labeled with the student’s name and mailbox number.

Return Textbook Rentals: Residents may return any rented textbooks to Barnes & Noble on Monday—Friday between 8 a.m.—7p.m. Residents who do not wish to return their books in person, or have a move-out appointment on the weekend (Saturday or Sunday), may still do so via mail using the shipping label available for print at The rental return deadline is now 8/1/20. Textbook buy-back will happen at a later date.

Other FAQs

Do I need to clean my room?

We understand that students may not have time to thoroughly clean their room or apartment during a 4-hour appointment. We ask that you remove all trash and recycling and leave the room or apartment as neat as you can. We will take care of the rest.

I, or another member of my family, has medical concerns that we feel cannot be addressed by the in-person move-out process. Do we have other options?

Yes. You may provide permission for someone else to remove your belongings, or you may choose to pack and store/ship your belongings. If neither of these options meets your needs, you may send an email to with your name, phone number, CUID, and details about your concerns so a member of our staff can reach out to understand how we can better help you.

What if I want to come in-person but cannot come during my pre-assigned appointment?

All Move Out Appointment information needs to go through the Housing Portal. Please log in to the Housing Portal, then select Spring 2020 Move Out in the purple navigation bar. Choosing “None of the Above” will allow you to include comments about your currently assigned move-out appointment. Please understand that our ability to alter assigned appointments is limited based on the physical distancing requirements that will be in place during the move-out period.

I am leaving for a summer internship or other summer opportunity that will make it difficult for me to return to Clemson.

Residents who are not able to return to campus during the move-out period may choose another option to remove belongings from your room or apartment. Residents will be able to designate someone else to move out on their behalf, or you may choose a company to help you pack and store your personal belongings. These options will be available when appointment dates are posted.

Has my room been secure?

All on-campus residences have been kept secure. Access to buildings has been limited, and University staff have continued to monitor on-campus spaces. Please be aware that while you have been gone staff may have entered your space to check for potential issues and address basic cleaning and removal of spoiled food from refrigerators. These tasks were necessary to ensure that your space was properly maintained during the long period of absence. All personal belongings remain undisturbed until you are able to return for a move-out process.

What if I have textbooks in my room I need to return?

The revised deadline for Spring 2020 textbook rental returns is August 1, 2020. Residents may return books in-person on Monday-Friday, 8am-7pm during the month of June. Or, residents may return rental textbooks via UPS. On April 28, a reminder email was sent to all students who have rented textbooks.  The order number that students need to print the prepaid UPS shipping label is in that email. You may sell your unwanted books back for cash anytime during Fall 2020 semester.

What do I need to do about my MicroFridge?

Please remove all food. Then, leave all MicroFridge units plugged in. Collegiate Concepts will defrost and clean all units after move-out has concluded.

Can I use a moving/storage company?

We are certainly aware that a number of students and families could benefit from this type of service and have compiled information on three companies meeting the needs of many students who have requested this service.

We are aware of a number of moving companies that have reached out to students and parents via social media to offer their services directly. You are certainly welcome to work with any group you like, and we will work with you to provide them access to your space during the move-out process. However, we would offer you extreme caution in mailing your room keys and/or your TigerOne ID card to a third-party. The student code of conduct prohibits unauthorized use of TigerOne cards, and you could be held accountable if an unauthorized user causes any damage or facilitates any theft of others’ belongings. Additionally, you could risk the loss of an item that has financial implications for you, as well as safety implications for others.

I’m here to check-out and I have a question or need help. Who do I ask?

We will address your question by phone, and if necessary, we will send someone to your location to assist you in person. Call 864-656-2295 and press 3.

What if I just show up to campus?

You will only be able to enter your residence hall or apartment during your assigned 4-hour appointment. Entry outside of this time does not permit us to maintain restrictions in place for a physically distant move-out process. Please consider others by completing your move-out quickly only during your assigned 4-hour appointment.

How Can I return my key?

    • If you are coming to your move-out appointment, please be sure to bring your key. You will need to return it before you leave campus.
    • If you have already moved out and will not be returning please select “None of the Above” in the Housing Portal. You can inform us in the comments section that you do not need a move-out appointment. This will allow us to assign your appointment to someone else. The follow the below directions to mail your key.
    • If you will be using a moving service or designated person to move out, you may follow those processes in the Housing portal and then mail your key to us using the below information.

Mail (through USPS) a note with your name, room assignment, and key to us at:
100 Mell Hall
Box 344075
Clemson, South Carolina 29634

I have been listed as someone’s designee. How do I get into their room or apartment?

Designees who have access to the resident’s key can bring it with them to use during the move and then return. We are also happy to provide a key and access card upon arrival. Please do not ask the resident to mail you their key; we’d prefer to issue a key on-site if that is needed.

I have lost my key. How do I get into my room or apartment?

Please come to the designated check-out station for your community to request a temporary key.

I need to pick up academic items in another area of campus. Can I do that on my move-out day?

We understand that some residents may also have items in academic areas. If the academic area can accommodate pick-up options, that information would be shared with you directly. A note for approved CAAH students only: If you have an appointment to retrieve items from Lee Hall, please make sure to arrive at the appointed time and place to recover belongings.  If an unexpected delay in travel occurs, please contact Michelle McClane to reschedule.

My access isn’t working

Is your move-out appointment today? If so, your access will begin exactly at either 8 am or 2 pm to match your appointment start time. Please do not attempt to enter until your appointment begins. Residents who are here at their appointment date and time but who do not have working access can visit the designated check-out station for the community, or call 864-656-2295 and press 3, for assistance.

I’m arriving late. Can I get an extension on my move-out appointment?

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer more time for your appointment. Please pack and remove your belongings as quickly as possible. Card access will end promptly at 12 pm for morning appointments and 6 pm for afternoon appointments.

Can I change my move-out appointment after I have confirmed it?

It is very difficult for us to alter move-out appointments multiple times based on the availability of move-out slots. Please do what you can to come at your originally confirmed time, or consider identifying a designee, or choose a pack and store option. If you need to name a designee, please email the designee information to You should include the first name, last name, phone number and email address of up to two designated individuals.

I missed my move-out appointment. What do I do now?

Email with a list of dates that you are available for a move-out appointment. Please include multiple dates so that we can match you with an open appointment slot. You will be notified of your new appointment date and time within 2 business days.

I can’t make it to my move-out appointment. What do I do?

If you have already confirmed your appointment, please Email with a list of dates that you are available for a move-out appointment. Please include multiple dates so that we can match you with an open appointment slot. You will be notified of your new appointment date and time within 2 business days. If you have not confirmed your appointment, please choose “none of the above” in the portal and include the same information as above.