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Move-in Appointments

We hope you’re excited to get moved in! You may have heard by now that you need to sign up for a move-in appointment. It is a fairly simple process – just follow these steps:

  1. Login to the Clemson Home Portal
  2. Click the Appointments tab on the menu bar
  3. Click Create/Edit Appointment for the academic year
  4. If you are a female New or Transfer student, you will see a page asking if you plan to participate in sorority recruitment. Select yes or no to continue
  5. All students will now move to the date selection page. You must select the date for your building. Those are listed at the bottom of this page
  6. Select an available time by clicking on a time that is show in blue.
  7. Confirm the date and time that you selected by clicking Yes on the popup
  8. You can now view your appointment date and time
  9. If you want to change it, you can cancel and select a new appointment time.
  10. You will get an email at your Clemson email once you have booked an appointment.
  11. Move In Checklist

Additional appointment information:

  • You will only be able to access the Move In Appointment Form if you have a booking for Fall 2019
  • Only female New, Transfer, and Bridge Transfer students will get the page asking if you plan to participate in Sorority Recruitment.  Bridge students and male New, Transfer, and Bridge Transfer students are not eligible for this and will not get this page in the process.
    • If you select Yes on this page, you will only see the August 13, 8am-11:00am Move In Appointment times.
  • The Move In Appointments are only available if you are either participating in Sorority Recruitment (August 13) and/or plan to arrive on their building’s designated move in date.
    • If you have been approved for early arrival, you will not be able to set a Move In Appointment.
    • If you plan to come after your building move in date, you will not be able to set a Move In Appointment.

Move In Dates:

July 27:   Earliest RA Move In (training begins 8/1)

August 6: Summer Session Residents (continuing students only; does not include TTSB, ESP, Eureka) & HSP Staff

August 12: Clemson LIFE Independent Living Residents (ILAs)

August 13: Potential New Members for Sorority Recruitment, 8am-12pm; Affiliated Sorority Women, 12pm-4pm; Tiger Band

August 14-15: Early Arrival Groups (Move In Volunteers, Kick Off Coordinators, Orientation students, etc.)

August 16: Byrnes/Lever; Calhoun/Thornhill; Douthit East; Gressette/Mickel; Holmes

August 17: Douthit West; Manning/Mauldin/Barnett; Cribb/DesChamps; McCabe; Shoeboxes; Lightsey Bridge/Calhoun Courts (Bridge students)

August 18: Clemson LIFE (Douthit West); IFC (Quad)