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Women in Science and Engineering Residence

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The WISER LLC is for sophomore women majoring in engineering and science. The purpose of the program is to give females the network and companionship that will help them stay in engineering and science majors. Studies have shown that many women majoring in engineering and science fields do not transfer out because of grades, but because of a sense of isolation. The WISER LLC gives women an opportunity to thrive together. Residents are provided professional development sessions resulting in the completion of a professional leadership portfolio as well as opportunities to participate in social and community activities as they pursue their STEM degrees. WISER is located in Mickel Hall (formerly Stadium Suites).

What To Expect

  • Community of supportive and like-minded females, often taking similar courses as you
  • Completion of a leadership portfolio consisting of professionally reviewed resumes, cover letters, and leadership experiences
  • Workshops on topics ranging from time management and study skills to self-defense
  • Opportunities to hear from recent female alumni and seasoned professionals in STEM fields
  • Social activities such as painting nights, sushi making nights, and CORE trips
  • WISE Big Sister mentor to be there when you need them
  • Tutoring for STEM classes through the PEER/WISE Office

Student Perspective

“Having these kinds of supportive, creative and intellectual people here for my sophomore year has been great, and I hope to see WISER positively affect girls across this campus for a long time. WISER provided me with a friendly, comforting environment for myself and the other residents in the program.”
– Saahirah Goodwin, WISER community member

Quick Facts

Size: 50 students
Location: Mickel Hall (formerly Stadium Suites)
Roommate Policy: May only request other program participants
Restrictions: Sophomore CECAS and CoS majors, women only
Fee: $180 per semester

Contact Information

Serita Acker
Director, Women in Science and Engineering
158A Freeman Hall