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 Become part of a community that will help you not only survive at Clemson, but thrive!


The Clemson Wellness Living-learning Community will promote activities that enable students to become more aware of their personal interests in the various dimensions of wellness. Through participation in residential curriculum programming and activities, residents will learn valuable skills and develop a mindset that will help them become well-rounded, successful students, citizens, and professionals. This community utilizes a curriculum to lift students and society by educating leaders, building a healthy community, and making discoveries that change the world.

Wellness Living-learning Community Core Values


Through self-discovery, students will develop self-respect, ethics, and integrity to improve overall health & wellness and learn to live a purposeful life.

Interpersonal Engagement

Through interpersonal engagement, students develop meaningful relationships and  effective communication skills. This includes improving critical thinking and problem solving skills to help in decision making. By building a support system that will help encourage wellness in their living community this LLC is one of a kind. The community has the opportunity to engage in dialogue about how they can impact their community.

Global Awareness and Leadership

Global awareness and leadership helps students recognize how actions and behaviors impact the society and the world.

Seeking Students with Interests in:

  • Maintaining or working toward a healthier lifestyle.
  • Being surrounded by others who want to be well
  • Healthy eating and nutrition.
  • Finding new ways to be active while at Clemson.
  • Participating in off-campus trips that inspire wellness in the community.
  • Setting realistic goals and working toward them.

What To Expect

  • Activities based on self-exploration. These types of events include but are not limited to: Hiking, group fitness classes both on and off campus, hall dinners, workshops, group pick-up games, community service, and engagement in meaningful dialogue.
  • Participate in fitness assessments; both pre and post.
  • Campus Recreation sponsored events and programs.
  • Campus resource outings and peer-mentoring.
  • Events that further educate students on all aspects of wellness.

Student Perspective

“This community has made such a powerful impact on my first year here at Clemson. The Wellness LLC has allowed for me to connect with some of the most amazing mentors, friends, and family. It is such unique and powerful LLC here at Clemson since it is available to everyone who is interested in a healthy lifestyle while in college. The Wellness LLC has opened up so many doors for incredible opportunities for me while at Clemson. This program has made such a tangible change in my life, and will forever be my favorite part of my Freshmen year.” – Jade Richard

“Living in the Wellness LLC, I have truly become a part of a Clemson family. Being surrounded by such fun, supportive, and lively people has made my freshman year unforgettable. I am so grateful for all of the awesome things this LLC has brought me!” -Arianna Conti

Quick Facts
Size: 24 students
Location: Gressette Hall (formerly Core Campus Building A)
Roommate Policy: May only request other program participants
Restrictions: None
Application: Complete the program application, which is required in addition to signing up for Housing & Dining.
Fee: None required

Contact Information
Jenny Rodgers
Assistant Director, Fitness and Wellness
Fike Recreation at Swann Fitness Center