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Women in Animal and Veterinary Sciences (WAVS)

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The WAVS LLC is designed especially for first-year women majoring in Animal and Veterinary Science (AVS). WAVS offers unique experiences within the AVS department that are not offered to other students in the major. The first year is a time of great adjustments from high school to college life. WAVS helps students successfully make that transition. Freshman women live and study with other women in their major, who share the same coursework, test schedules, study groups and club activities. WAVS is an opportunity to make lifelong friendships with other women who share similar interests, dreams and ambitions.

What To Expect

  • Supportive peers, academic advisors and major faculty
  • Social activities and events
  • Professional development workshops
  • Access to specialized animal and veterinary sciences events
  • Tutoring opportunities for challenging courses
  • Priority academic advising times
  • Lifeguard upperclass mentors
  • Networking opportunities with AVS faculty
  • Group and individual service opportunities

Did You Know?
AVS staff and faculty support WAVS  and often continue to mentor the student through the remainder of their Clemson academic career and even assist with labs for upper-level animal science courses — truly linking both in-class and out of class experiences during a student’s time at Clemson. WAVS students also historically have higher GPA’s than freshmen AVS students not in WAVS.

Quick Facts
Size: 30 students
Location: The Shoeboxes — Young Hall
Roommate Policy: May only request other program participants
Restrictions: Animal and Veterinary Science majors, women only
Application: No
Fee: $175

Contact Information
Jason Allen, M.Ed.
Academic Advisor and Director for WAVS
131 Poole Agricultural Center