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Leading for our Environment and Future (LEAF)

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LEAF LLC is for the sustainability-focused student, creating a unique experiential learning opportunity for community members. Residents of the LEAF community deepen their understanding of social, economic and environmental sustainability while developing skills to become leaders for intergeneration equity. Participants, representing Clemson’s diverse student body, learn how principles of economic, social and environmental sustainability apply in contexts ranging from personal lifestyle choices to making positive impacts on campus and in the Clemson community.

What To Expect

LEAF residents collaborate to plan and implement events in their community and on campus that focus on sustainability. Common activities include implementing new recycling efforts, planting sustainability gardens, participating annually in Fall Fest and enrolling in a Creative Inquiry course focused on sustainability.

Did You Know?

Residents often participate in Creative Inquiry teams focused on promoting sustainable practices on campus. Students who participate in LEAF conduct their own research and decide on group projects. Last year, the Creative Inquiry team aimed to increase knowledge and awareness through social media and the production of videos.

Student Perspective

“LEAF has provided me with the opportunity to live with others who are passionate about sustainability. I am able to advocate for sustainability on campus and have participated in a Creative Inquiry over the last two semesters, this has allowed for me to connect living in my community with the classroom.”
– Jessica Genoble

Quick Facts

Size: 16 students
Location: Calhoun Courts
Roommate Policy: Roommate does not need to participate in the program but does need to request the LLC when signing up for Housing & Dining.
Restrictions: All majors, coed
Application: None required
Fee: None required

Contact Information

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