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Honors Residential College

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Approximately 400 honors students, from first-year students to seniors, live together in the Honors Residential College at Cribb & DesChamps Halls. This home for Honors Residential College is one of Clemson University’s coeducational suite-style residence halls. The Honors Residential College offers residents a series of events and opportunities specially tailored to the interests and needs of academically high-performing student leaders. Through out-of-class endeavors, the Honors Residential College aims to enhance participants’ intellectual engagement as well as their personal, professional and leadership development. Students also have the benefit of interacting with an energetic and dedicated Faculty in Residence who lives in the honors community and engages in unique and meaningful interactions with residents.

What To Expect

  • Hosted events for students in the Honors Residential College at Cribb & DesChamps Halls—including the Thoughts Worth Thinking lecture series, coffee breaks, Pizza and Politics series, movie nights, professional development events and much more
  • Classroom space where the Honors seminar courses are held
  • Access to study and lounge space including the Great Hall, library, and group study rooms all located in the Honors Residential College at Cribb & DesChamps Halls
  • Study lounges, kitchens, and laundry located in the residence halls
  • Honors staff offices located in the same building, allowing for convenient access to honors support services
  • Resident Assistants who are also honors students and provide peer-advising
  • Mentoring from upper class honors students
  • Access to free printing in the Honors Center student workroom
  • Endless coffee from the Keurig® Coffee Stations in the Honors Center kitchen

Did You Know?

  • In the opening year of the Honors Center, more than 2,000 students, faculty and staff attended more than 70 scheduled events and programs
  • Residents reported an increase in feeling connected to others within the Honors College, feeling respected and accepted by other members of the Clemson Honors College

Student Perspective

“Living in the Honors residence hall gave me a community that became a support system in my academic, personal, and professional life. Living alongside other Honors students helped me create strategic study skills, learn how to manage my time, and deal with stress in a healthy way during my transition to college. The Honors community is a place and space where I was able to laugh, relax, and also develop perseverance”.
– Alana Robinson, Cary, NC, Nutrition major

Quick Facts

Size: 400 students
Location: Cribb & DesChamps Halls
Roommate Policy: Honors students only
Restrictions: All majors, coed, must be in Honors College
Application: Only for admission into the Honors College
Fee: None required

Contact Information

Katie Maxwell,
Director of Advising and Recruitment
185 DesChamps Hall