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First Year Staff

The first year (FY) staff is available to you whenever you need assistance. Each staff member has a specific role in helping you achieve your desired level of success. Ultimately, this is YOUR adventure and we want to find ways to help you grow, learn and enjoy your Clemson Experience. The FY staff has several responsibilities including maintaining a safe living-learning environment, providing educational opportunities and services, serving as a knowledgeable campus resource and making sure your needs are being met.

Resident Assistants

Resident Assistants (RAs) are upper class mentors and role models that live with residents in each residential community.  RAs are here to support you at any point in your Clemson experience, whether you are transitioning as a new student, evaluating your major and choice of career, seeking out opportunities for involvement on-campus, or preparing for an internship or study abroad experience.

An RA is responsible for building community on a floor or apartment area, working with a group of 30 to 60 residents. We seek to connect residents to one another and to the Clemson community.  Members of the community are also encouraged to discuss expectations and standards for their community, and we will challenge you to hold one another accountable to contributing to a positive living environment.

Graduate Assistants

Graduate Assistants in University Housing and Dining work in a variety of roles to support your residential experience.  Graduate Assistant roles include:

  • management of residential communities
  • advising and support to fraternity and sorority organizations
  • assisting in the selection and training of department staff
  • advising student leadership organizations within the residential communities
  • supporting and enhancing living learning communities
  • supporting the academic mission of the University through connections with faculty
  • contributing to our understanding and use of assessment data
  • promoting a residential and campus climate of sustainability

Community Directors and Graduate Community Directors

Community Directors (CDs) are full-time professional staff who have completed a Masters degree in a graduate preparation program and have previous experience working with college students.  Graduate Community Directors (GCDs) are graduate staff who are currently enrolled in the Masters of Education in Student Affairs at Clemson.  CDs and GCDs manage each residential community through the supervision of Resident Assistants and advising student leaders in community council.  CDs and GCDs interact with residents directly in a variety of settings and are also here to help guide and support you in your college experience.  CDs and GCDs challenge residents to be responsible for themselves and others and have a role in maintaining safety and security for each residential community.

Assistant Directors and Associate Directors

Assistant Directors are responsible for providing a higher level of support and direction for Residential Life communities and initiatives.  Each Assistant Director has a specific focus area in supporting first-year students, upper class students, fraternity and sorority organizations, or enhancing living-learning communities. Assistant Directors supervise professional and graduate staff and provide leadership for the management of the residential environment.  Associate Directors also serve in specialized roles to provide leadership for residential areas and/or Residential Life initiatives.

Campus Resources

We also utilize the assistance of Clemson University Police, control desk assistants, student patrol, maintenance staff, custodial staff, and much more.  Let us know how we can help you build your individual Clemson Experience.