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First Year Mission and Learning Outcomes

The First Year (FY) Program at Clemson University enhances the greater missions of the Division of Student Affairs and the University through intentional and collaborative student-centered services and programs. The FY program serves as a catalyst for campus resources, services and opportunities that promote self-knowledge, leadership development, social responsibility and life skills awareness and application for our first-year students.

Learning Outcomes of FY

The FY program is structured to bridge the learning opportunities in the residence hall with those across the campus community, allowing students to take full advantage of the programs designed to promote a successful transition. As a result, the FY program will be implemented and evaluated on these learning outcomes:

  • Students will demonstrate increased self-knowledge through participation in the FY program.
  • Students will gain an understanding of their role and responsibilities within a community, and understand the importance of being part of a social network.
  • Students will identify and develop skills and strategies that enable the achievement of their academic goals.
  • Students will utilize relational leadership in developing ethical leadership skills, communication and interpersonal skills, as well as active engagement in leadership activities.
  • Students will become agents of positive change.

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