Be an RA!

Resident Assistants come from a wide range of backgrounds and bring their own individual strengths, interests, and passions to the position. If you like working with others and are interested in making on-campus life the best it can be, you may be perfect for the RA role. You’ll have opportunities to connect with other students, get valuable work experience and professional development while making your mark on Clemson’s campus.


Stipend: Pay begins at $10/hour

Free Meal Plan: For building relationships in dining halls and retail locations on campus, RA’s have a choice between Unlimited 100, Block 75, or Bridge Block 100 plans.

Free Housing: Private rooms provided through a housing waiver: RA’s pay NOTHING for housing!

University Housing & Dining (UH&D) strives to create supportive and challenging environments that enrich and nourish lives. Further, we seek to be the premier campus community in the country. Resident Assistants (RAs) are an integral part of furthering this mission and vision.
Resident Assistants will mentor residents to explore who they are, connect with others in the community, engage academically, and lead in meaningful ways.

Inclusion Statement:

We proudly commit to preparing our students and staff to thrive in a global community.  We seek to understand and affirm all identities, engage in residential community dialogue, and promote an inclusive and supportive residential community environment.

Resident Assistants serve students in our residential communities in a variety of roles we have identified as leaders, role models, critical thinkers, peer educators, and community builders.



  • Resident Assistants must be enrolled as full-time students at Clemson University at the time of application and start of employment. BRIDGE students are eligible to apply for the Academic Year 2022-23 RA role, and must BRIDGE successfully by May 2022 to start employment.


We prioritize academic success and your role as a student and have therefore implemented academic policies designed to support and enhance your academic career.

  • We highly recommend that an RA does not enroll in more than 18 hours of academic credit.
  • Resident Assistants must maintain a semester and cumulative GPA of 2.0 at the time of appointment and throughout the term of employment. (Some Living-Learning communities may require a higher GPA.) A staff member’s semester and cumulative GPA will be checked each fall and spring semester. Academic forgiveness cannot be utilized in the academic appeal process.
  • Resident Assistants are academic role models. Any issue of academic dishonesty will be addressed.

EDSA 3900

Resident Assistants will take EDSA 3900: Student Development, Leadership, and Counseling for the University Paraprofessional as a pre-service requirement of employment. EDSA 3900 is a 3-hour credit course, and an RA must earn a C or better in the course to continue into the RA role.  Failure to complete this course with a grade of C or better may impact RA employment.

EDSA 3900 will be offered on multiple dates and times in spring 2022. Details will be provided during the selection process.

Remuneration and Benefits

  • Stipend: Pay begins at $10/hour. Any differences for specialized positions will be noted in that particular position’s Employment Agreement. Work hours may vary week to week. Resident Assistants are paid on a stipend basis with stipend amounts divided equally amongst pay periods falling within the dates of employment.
  • Free Meal Plan: For building relationships in dining halls and retail locations on campus, RA’s are provided a choice between Unlimited 100, Block 75, or Bridge Block 100 plans..
  • Free Housing: Private rooms provided through a housing waiver: RA’s pay NOTHING for housing! Resident Assistants are provided with a private room. In the event of higher than expected occupancy, an RA may be assigned a temporary roommate.
  • Note: The value of the housing rate and meal plan is applied as a resource to a student’s financial aid account. Please consult with a financial aid counselor if you have questions about the impact to available aid.


Applications Open September 1, 2021 – December 5, 2021 for the Academic Year 2022-23! 

If you are interested in being considered for a potential immediate opening in Fall 2021 or Spring 2022, please apply through the same application. There is a place in the application to indicate your interest.

Apply in the Employment Portal.

Below you will find the 2021-2022 academic year RA Position Description, Departmental Expectations, Operational Dates and RA FAQ, for your reference. These materials updated for the 2022-23 academic year will be available once the academic calendar for 2022-23 is available from the University.


If you have questions about your eligibility, or need more information about the Resident Assistant position, please contact

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