Summer Housing Sign-up

Clemson Home offers summer housing for a variety of programs and purposes. Housing Summer Programs provides housing & dining services for summer camps and conferences and we directly offer housing & dining to Clemson-enrolled students, Bridge students, and TigerTown Summer Bound participants.

All Summer Housing Contracts offered directly through Clemson Home will open March 1 in the Clemson Home Portal.

Please note that Microfridge rentals are not available for summer session housing.

Summer Housing

Clemson-Enrolled Students


  • The primary location of summer session housing is TBD. Apartments may be available upon request.

Rental Rates

  • Rental rates will be calculated on a daily basis. Students will be charged the per diem rate listed below for the room type and number of days indicated by the Move In and Move Out date specified on the student’s contract.

Per Diem/Per Day

  • (2 person room): $28*
  • Apartment: $28*


  • Charges for Summer Session Housing will not appear on your university bill until the assignment is finalized and after the Summer bills open in April.

Post Office Box

  • Students who lived on campus during the prior Spring semester and/or will live on campus for the following Fall semester will have a PO box assigned.
  • If you need to rent a PO Box for the summer term, contact Student Mail Services at or by phone at 864-656-7720.

Spring On-Campus Residents

  • Spring residents may be able to move directly to their summer school assignment on Saturday, May 14 if they choose a move-in date for First Summer, Long Summer or Minimester A in the housing contract. This must be approved in advance by the assignments coordinator.

Session Dates

SessionTerm DatesCheck-inCheck-out
Summer Mini AMay 17-June 6May 15June 7
Summer IMay 17-June 24May 15June 25
Long SummerMay 17-Aug. 8May 15Aug. 9
Summer Mini BJune 7-June 27June 5June 28
Summer Mini CJune 28 -July 18June 26July 19
Summer IIJune 29-Aug. 8June 26Aug. 9
Summer Mini DJuly 20-Aug. 8July 17Aug. 9
Session date information

Bridge Students

Session Dates

Dates are TBD.

Clemson Summer Start

Clemson Summer Start residents, starting March 1, please complete the summer housing contract and select a meal plan in the Clemson Home Portal. The location for Summer Start housing is TBD.

No housing will be available between the end of Summer Session Housing and the start of fall housing, but a Fall 2022 Early Arrival Request will be available starting June 1 for students to request to move directly to their Fall housing assignment. Approvals will be very limited based on availability.

Summer IIJune 29 – Aug. 8June 26Aug. 9
Clemson Summer Start Dates

Summer Dining

Meal Plans

*2021 Rates

  • Summer 20
    • Block 20 Meals
    • 100 Paw Points
    • Cost: $329*
  • Summer 40
    • Block 40 Meals
    • 200 Paw Points
    • Cost: $622*
  • Summer 10
    • 10 additional meals added to the Summer 20 or Summer 40 plans
    • Cost: $99*
  • Unlimited Plan: Long Summer (sessions 1 & 2)
    • No Paw Points
    • Cost $1,410*
  • Unlimited Plan: Summer Sessions 1 or 2
    • No Paw Points
    • Cost $705*

Summer Dining Hours

  • The Fresh Food Company located in McAlister Hall will be open for the Summer.
  • Hours of operation and additional locations will be posted at a later date.