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Please see our COVID FAQs for information and updates on changes to Housing and Dining.

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Housing FAQs


What precautions will be in place due to COVID-19?

Clemson Home is committed to establishing safety precautions within residential areas through the following measures:

  • Physical distancing and reduced congestion in communal areas such as dining halls and shared bathroom spaces.
  • Custodial and facilities staff will work diligently to clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces in common areas of residence halls, such as laundry facilities, elevators, communal bathroom spaces, front desks, and door handles.
  • Several locations have already been identified both on and off-campus for isolation and quarantine of students who may be symptomatic or vulnerable.
  • Alternative methods of providing meal services to students.

Please see our COVID FAQs page for more information.

What if I don’t like my housing assignment?

Room change requests cannot be made at this time. Creating expectations for a shared living space, communicating with others, and navigating conflict is part of any living experience. If you are unable to resolve issues with your space, you may talk with your community staff to evaluate your options after move-in.

What are my housing options for Sophomore Year?

Clemson Home’s Continuing Communities are highly sought after options and signing up for them is very similar to first-year housing sign-up. We will provide more information on this process prior to the process opening. On-campus housing is not guaranteed for continuing students, so if you do not receive one of the limited on-campus spaces, you will need to find housing at any of the student communities off campus that will generally start leasing around November.

Can I mail items to campus?

Yes! Mailbox assignments will be emailed to students around the first week of september and you will be able to mail any packages directly to the Student Post Office for you to pick up during move-in. Keep in mind any packages received before you get your assignment will be returned to the sender. Make sure you plan how you will transport any belongings to your room after picking them up. Mail Services will ve open for package pickup 8am-5pm on both Saturday and Sunday the weekend of move-in.

Am I required to rent a Microfridge?

No. A MicroFridge rental is only needed if you would like to have a microwave in your room. You can bring your own mini-fridge as long as it is 3.6 cubic feet or smaller. You will also have access to a full kitchen in your residence hall. The MicroFridge is simply an option you can utilize if you would like the microwave in your room rather than using the common one in the building or if you don’t want to deal with purchasing and transporting your own fridge. Be sure to talk to your roommate before ordering! Visit collegefridge.com/clemson to order

Can I work for Housing?

Yes! We’ve got several opportunities for you to get a job with Campus Housing.

Office Assistant: Office Assistants at Mell Hall work with our Marketing and Communications staff to manage the front desk and provide customer care. OAs answer the main Clemson Home phone, talk with students and parents, assist with marketing campaigns, and gather information. These positions are part-time with flexible hours that work around your schedule and pay by the hour.

Resident Assistant: Our RA staff has been hired for the current academic year. Any vacancies in staff positions will be filled from our existing alternate pool. The application to become an RA for the 2021-22 Academic Year typically opens in October. Resident Assistants serve students in our residential communities in a variety of roles as leaders, role models, critical thinkers, peer educators, and community builders. Benefits include a stipend, meal plan, and a discounted housing rate.

Summer Programs: Housing Summer Programs hires for a variety of summer positions and we will notify you as soon as the applications are open. Pay varies by position.

How is television service provided?

Clemson Residence Halls do not have coaxial connections for cable TV. Instead, we provide TV via internet streaming to all Clemson Home residents. You will simply need to use an internet-connected device such as your computer, smartphone, or streaming device.

How will I access my space?

Your TigerOne card will be used to access your residential community (as well as the dining halls, fitness centers, and other campus spaces). In order to prepare these for move-in, incoming students are required to upload a photo for your TigerOne ID. ID guidelines can be found at https://www.clemson.edu/campus-life/tigerone/photo-guidelines.html.

For access to your individual room, you will receive a key at check-in.

Move-in FAQs

Can a resident have visitors/guests after their move-in appointment is completed?

Residents should follow the “Guest and Visitation” policy stated in Housing Rules & Regulations. A resident signed this document when they completed their Housing Contract. A current year copy can be found on our website under the “Contracts and Rates” tab.

Who needs to be tested and how are the test results submitted before move-in?

Students will be required to be tested prior to move-in. Full information on the policy, requirements, and process is available in the University’s Healthy Clemson FAQs page  and additional information can be found at the full Healthy Clemson: United as Tigers site.

Will elevators be available to make unloading quicker?

If the building has an elevator, we expect that elevators will be in use. We always encourage use of stairwells for lighter items. Elevators are available to transport larger, bulkier items, or for general use by someone who is physically not able to use the stairs. Every campus elevator will have a restriction for use by only one group at a time, with a total occupancy of 2 people.

Is the move-in appointment just for unloading or does it include unpacking the room as well?

The move-in appointment is designed for students to pull up in the vehicle where they packed their belongings from home and unload them near their community. This is allowed for 30 minutes. Students then have additional time to unpack their room or apartment. Please review our packing tips to help you navigate the packing and unloading process.

Can additional items be dropped off after the move-in appointment?

If someone needs to go to a store to purchase other items, they can bring them back to the community later, but they will not have the ability to park close to the building when they do so. Parents, family members or friends can drop the resident and/or their purchased items on the curb near their building to take things back up to their room or apartment.

How Can I Loft My Bed Or Get a Bedrail?

All rooms have mid-loft beds with adjustable height bedframes. This type of loft is very easy to adjust, but it does require 2 people. In most years, we lower beds to the lowest height to accommodate younger summer campers. But this year, beds have been left as they were by the former student (almost all at full loft height) since we were not preparing for camps and conferences. Most students should find their bed already fully lofted. However, if a student enters their room and finds that the bed is not at the preferred height, follow our instructions and video to easily loft it yourself. If you are unable to physically meet the requirements to adjust the loft, please call for assistance. We will send someone to help.

Bed rails will be available in the room or at the front desk of your building.

As a parent, how do I get more information sent directly to me?

We have been partnering often this summer with messages sent out over the Clemson Parent and Family Experience portal. You can sign up for a free account here. As a part of creating your account, you can join the 2020 Orientation Community. Important updates to parents and families with be sent throughout the year about your student’s time at Clemson. By creating your account, you will automatically be added to the distribution lists and able to further customize preferences on what type of information you receive and how often.

When can I move in if I do not have a negative coronavirus test?

If you have not received your results and uploaded them to the COVID-19 Test Result Upload Tool, you will need to wait for your results. We highly recommend not traveling until you have your negative test.

If you have tested positive, you will need to have a letter from a medical provider confirming that the required period of isolation is complete. Please upload the positive test and letter to the upload tool.

What should I do if  I need to arrive after my move-in appointment?

That is not a problem. You may check in any time after your scheduled appointment as long as you have followed the testing requirements and been cleared to move in. Depending on the date you move in, you may need to check-in in a different location.

  • All residents** (First-Year, Continuing, or Bridge) arriving between the 11th -14th will check-in and pick up their keys at their designated remote check-in location.
    • **ClemsonLIFE should plan to go straight to Douthit B to check-in
  • Residents arriving between the 15th-16th will need to go to their community desk to check-in
  • First-year residents checking AFTER the 14th will need to go to their community desk
  • Continuing students who have appointments on the 17th-18th will check-in and pick up their keys at their designated remote check-in location.

Please check for remote locations if necessary under “Where to Get Your Key and ID” on the move-in page. If you are not able to check-in at the community desk, you may need to call the RA On-Call number posted on the front door of the building.

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